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Sunday, December 28, 2014

The arrival of number two

I have been nesting at Umie since 36weeks of pregnancy, expecting this shall be another early labor like the sister. It feels years waiting for the baby to come out when I'm home and I never felt time was moving this super slow previously.

My AFL reading was low during 37week check up makes me more cautious when it becomes closer to EDD. I had cramps most of the time during this week until the week after. Some blobs also starts to come out during this week. Hmm.. I think thats the only major sign of Im getting near to labor day.

The cramps becomes severe each day until the night of 19th December. I had stomacahe the whole night and after several trips to the toilet, I finally had the real contractions at 4.30am. I knew I will deliver the baby anytime during the day but I wait since I still can hold the contractions. Lagipun ade check up that morning with my gynae.

So around 10am after breakfast with nasik lemak and seketul roti canai, Ayah drop me and Umi at the hospital - just like another day of check up. Luckily, I just waited for 15minutes before my turn and I told Dr.Suraya regarding the contractions that I had. She asked for a scan and checked that the baby already engaged. She then checked the opening and I already 6cm dilated. She rushed me to the labor room and there I was lying on the bed waiting impatiently while the nurse prepare all the necessary things.

Rauhah witnessing all this with anxious face, like she knows something wrong with me. Alhamdulillah theres no drama from her that morning and she just okay for everything been asked for. Ibu so proud of you, big sister :)

Oh husband wasnt around and he jokingly said 'Dont wait for me ok. Just push when you need to'. Hamboi.. Ingt sakit beranak boleh tunggu ke b. Haha. Luckily he managed to arrive before the doctor broke my water.

There was three nurses in the room and I've been informed that I'm the only person who is going to deliver that morning. The nurse was super friendly and I could see that they are making an effort for me to have a happy delivery as possible. Such a cheerful team :)

As usual, CTG didnt trace my contraction and I didnt really feel the same pain that I had at home. I even had a slight fever from last night stomachce and baby heartbeat started to increase which forcing the nurse to insert hormones in my blood for faster delivery. The doctor came later, broke my water and here goes the real pain. I also took happy gas to ease the contractions.

Introducing Aqil bin Muhammad Hafiz :)

Alhamdulillah, after the third push, I safely delivered a healthy 3.64kg baby boy at 11.45am on 20 December 2014.

Husband said the delivery was faster than Rauhah.Belum pape, dah ckp boleh la lg 6. Hamboiiii kan husband I. I told him the pain was more excrutiating and probably remember the pain for quite some time. Hehe.


Dils said...

Alhamdulillah for a smooth delivery. Congratulations!

The wife said...

Thank you Dils :)

orggilacinta said...

Senget btulllll..ko pregnant ke, miscarriage, skg dah beranak no 2 pun ni baruuuuu aku tauuuuu???? Tu pun sbb tergerak nk bca blog ko.. Apasal aku bleh xtauu ha? Hmm instagram ko de tak post ko pregnant? Dlm blog ni mcm takde pun bgtau ko pregnant sepnjang yg aku baca ni.. Arghh.. Ni la jadinye aku dok sibuk ngn business.. Apa pun x tau..

Ok congrates wehh..selamat berpantang.
Aku ni bilooo nk dpt lg ni. aku nakkk..huuuu..riso plak x dpt2 lg.

The wife said...

aku xpost pape pon psl peknen kat ig :P

bagusla bz ngn bisness, menunjukkan ko smakin sukses tuh. bangga mak!

tenkiu linda. moga sampai rezeki anak no 2 3 4 5 dan 6 utk ko pulak nanti *hugs!

Unknown said...

Congrates ain..

Bestnye dh dpt sepasang dh..

Selamat berpantang ye nok..

Rindu nk borak2 ngn ko mase kita single2 dulu..hahahah

Kalau dekat dh ku pegi tgk ko..

OK beb jaga kesihatan baik2 n pantang baik2 bak kate kak ana badan nk pakai lamo lagi..heheehe..

Kem slm kat baby Aqil n Rauhah skali ye.. :)