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Monday, March 13, 2017

Aqil and eczema part 2

Here's part 1

The thing with eczema is you can control with the environment and the food. Aqil's condition tak tentu. The last time die tak boleh makan telur or kicap but these days ok je. Sometimes ade jugak benda yg dia biasa makan and suddenly start balik garu2. Nowdays die tak boleh minum milo and kentang. The weird this is french fries tu boleh pulak tapi kalau masak kari letak kentang, mmg alergic terus.

Phase merah2 tu dh kurang sebab ade lotion but he eventually immune with Cetaphile and The Bodyshop wash tu. Tak sempat habis satu botol pun. His skin dah tak responds to it. It started to get dry again and flaky, Asek nak garu je, So one day ni die kene bisul and pergi klinik. I mention about his eczema tulah. The doctor said die garu2 so the bacteria inside the nails pergi kat tempat lain and jadilah bisul tu.

So the doctor prescribe this lotion that I never heard of and alhamdulillah skin die jadi lembut sangat like nothing happen. Bodywash still boleh pakai anything mild maybe sebab lotion tu yang do most of the work. My friend suggest to use Buds shower cream. Maybe boleh try yang tu pulak this time.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The not-so-review of Speilgaben

Between Husband and I, he is the one who always keen to buy toys for the kids. He would splurge the kids into it and sometimes I have to stop him spending too much. Too many toys means too many mess at the end of the day, always.

One of the toys that he bought for them is this Speilgaben wooden toys that I wish I have lock for every drawer that they have. He bought this years back before Rauhah could even walk. When Rauhah became older and knows how to handle those toys, she would play it nicely and properly. Takde sepah bersepai..until this little brother come to know the existence of this toy.

I am at much control whenever he tried to open each drawers but yesterday beats the record. I was doing my 'lipat kain' session in the room and after finish it, I started to collect all the missing pieces that has been lingering everywhere in the house. 

It was on the bed, in Husband's computer room, the cabinet and not to mention on the floor. It was the usual thing but not until I saw the living room.

This side ok lagi

..and then this. Every shape should be in diff drawer. Imagine.

Then this happen when the sister accidentally jatuhkan the box

It was nightmare! Worst than to collect the classic lego toys because I have to arrange everything in order to fit everything in the drawer. Rauhah has been helpful and the little brother dont want to miss the 'mengemas' party but instead of helping, he would making another mess =_= Ish this fella.

Some of the compartment yang dah properly kemas

It took an hour to arrange everything and I really have lost of the energy to start blabering Aqil. I thought he learned his lesson when I just ignore him while kemas the toys but heh..tak kisah langsung and today..die buat hal lagi. 


Kurang bnyk ni, mane die sorok tah 

Naseb baik sikit but still..I would rather they sepah the whole basket of other huge toy rather than this thing. Thinking on the bright side, he actually making use most of the toys better than Rauhah. I guess, smart kids are the one who is banyak akal and making the most headache out of you. Haha.