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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pince Court Medical Centre

I have yet to review on this so high class hospital. To be honest, it's not high class though. Even my collegue said that Tropicana Medical Centre is better than this. The only this they have the class is the interior design and keep-changing-daily-formal-attire attendant.

The first time I've been here is visiting my friend who is delivering her baby at level 6. The room was simple and nothing special except you have your own room and toilet. Nothing fancy there - oh maybe if you considered KLCC view from your bed is interesting ;)

We went to Delivery Suites

The second time was my appointment on abnormal bleeding which the doctor from Twin Tower Medical Center ask us to refer the Gynea specialist here.

Bamboo deco inside the building

Waiting area in front of pharmacy

..and there goes my next and next appointment till the surgery. Any other private hospital have their own specialist doctor which made them private hospital and same here in PCMC. You can request any doctor you want and you can get the result faster than general hospital.

Women and Children clinic at Level 6

Waiting area in front of the reception desk (from above picture)

They have dedicated room for waiting where they provide TV and water. All my appointment is here except the daycare which is at Level 2. This level is also where they have the operation theater and all those surgical equipment - well, at least I know I did mine here. Hehe.

Cover your feet :)

Change cloths and ready to go!
They provide meals after surgery and it is just a light meal. Mine is just a tuna sandwich and hot milo. 


The food

Overall was pleasurable experience for me. The staff being helpful and also the doctor is the kind that you really want to keep. The nurse send and even wait for you when you went to the toilet. They keep on observing you while you are resting on your bed. I really thank Hubby insurance for this. Haha.


Rosie Rose said...

abnormal bleeding? so, how r u now? selamat berkenalan! :)

The wife said...

yea. a little bit of blood after period. im better. thank you ;) selamat berkenalan rosie ;)