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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rare request

Husband ialah orang yang paling susah nak request masak ape. So when we went out to pasar last week, we saw perut kitab while buying the meat and he asked me to buy it - cook anything with it.

I never cook perut my entire life, eventhough I enjoy eating it. I was soo cluelesss at the point on how to even cut it =.= Teruk betul.Therefore, Husband did all the ground work and I start looking for the recipe. The closest that I could think of is kerabu perut. But to my surprise, Husband start requesting his list.

It all started with 'Alaa.. Rebus je. Cicah dengan air asam'

Then he added 'Air asam macam mama buat tu. Cuka dengan lada je kan?' and of course I dont know T.T

The plan doesnt goes as plan that day cause we have so many food for berbuka when the neighbours gives few dishes for us.

So he then changed his mind, 'Esok berbuka dengan nasi goreng perut ok gak dear'

I was 'Haaa.. Really?' I actually google the recipe tapi tak dibuat orang. Hahaha. I refused the nasi goreng but cooked something else. Luckily he's okay with it.

While thinking what's for sahur, I suggested maggi sbb semua easy food dah habis and he said 'Boleh tapi letak perut tu ok?'

Ya Allah, nak nye lah makan perut tu haaaa. Ok. Layanlah sahur tu maggi perut for him. Mine maggi kosong je.

At last, I made him kerabu perut from Chef's Wan recipe that I altered and turn out heavenly good. He seems satisfied (although ade sikit bitter from daun limau purut) and we rest our story of perut lembu after 4days.

I was once complaining to him, 'B susah nak mintak me masak pape kan?' and I remember his answer 'Ha, kalau dah mintak nanti, tak terbuat kang'. Today, he just proved that he was totally right indeed T_T

1 comment :

Aan Andes said...

haha mengidam perut. maybe it was the baby!