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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Redang Kalong - Day 3

Since we both have a really good rest the night before, we went out to see the sunrise (even it is at the back of the hill).

Before sunrise

Syuruk dah ni :P

Sun finally comes out :)

It was raining last night and we both dont even realize it. Such a really good rest, I tell you :P I took a video of it but keep on having Hubby's voice. He's a talker by the way :P

We went for breakfast with my baju kelawar and Hubby with his kain pelikat. Let us show how Malay really is to those foreigners. Haha. So much wording the last two post. This time let the pictures do the talking.

Kue tiaw was ok. Eggs was there as always and I think I had two or three that morning :P

I love their butter and peanut butter. Been trying to figure what brand but don't know what it is. Taste sangat best! We even have it before we depart off the island. Haha.

I told you on second day review that they have entertainment space but here some of the pictures what are the rest that they have. They have international school trip during our second day. It is a good place for a group as well though.

Indoor game space

Choose any game you want :)

Board games such as carom pon ade :)

Such a great vacation for both of us and I am really happy for introducing Hubby to Redang. He had a very bad experience with Bali sea last time. Redang Kalong rated 3rd rank across to other resort and I must say that they have very friendly staff and good food. I love Redang Kalong resort but not their beach cause that the only thing that Redang Holiday can win. Redang Holiday's shores is clean from dead coral and it's just sand under the sea. There's also not much thing you can explore at Redang Kalong cause we walk quite far from the resort but nothing interesting within 500m walking. 

Since Redang Holiday is the neighbour of Laguna Redang, therefore, you can walk to the resort and see blue sands. Sounds cool right. I wish our next trip to Redang we will stay at Laguna. The top resort at Redang but of course saved some $ first. Haha. Redang Island itself is indeed beautiful thing. The resort doesn't matter anymore when you could have such crystal clear water and white sands.

We checked out from the island around 12noon.

Bye Redang. Definitely will come back again :)

We arrived at jetty and bought myself a pants and skirt. It a tough one to get the skirt cause I simply said to hubby 'I buy it if its RM15' turns out it is RM30. I bargain with the makcik and said 'Husband tak bagi klu RM25' while looking at Hubby with sad face. As always, Hubby buat tak tau because I already make a deal ealiear. The kind makcik tried to pujuk Hubby but of course we walk away. 

Some of the small shop

As usual, I am being melodramatic that I'll be devastated for not getting the skirt. Haha. So we pass through another kedai and saw the same skirt but this time I get it for RM22. Hubby redha je and I get my beautiful, comfy cheap skirt! Haha. Oh.. have some fridge magnet as well as souvenir :)

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