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Monday, July 20, 2015

Meatballs and Jem

I am one of the fan of Ikea meatballs but not until I tasted it again for the last time that went 'urghh'. I am disappointed that the taste is not the same as it used to, in fact it is getting worst. Dont let me start on the cleanliness that I saw in their kitchen that everyone could see while queuing for food.

There are so much recipe that been shared over the net but I never had the time to fool-proof it. Not until I found Tahrunnisa's FB that been shared by many in my FB timeline. So I bookmarked and decided to try it during puasa.

I made it during the day and had it for our sahur. Kemain kan? It was actually meant for our buka puasa menu but I dont have anything fast enough that I could make when there is less than 20minutes before Imsak. Everything is ready by just heat up the meatballs and the gravy, add some St.Dalfour raspberry jam and uhhh my best sahur so far! I cheat a lot in this recipe but it's already taste soo good! Next time, kene buat lebih for frozen pulak. I wanted to share it here for a keeper, you should try!

I copied back from her FB and make few amendments based what I did
Swedish Meatball Sue Norrman
Meatball homemade 
Bahan2 :-
500 gm mince beef
I dont think I used that much. Lesser I think.
1/2 biji bwg besar - cincang halus (*) I used bawang besar biasa - not Holland onion
1 sdm butter. (*)
3/4 sdt lada hitam- powder
1 sdt kryddpeppar@ mixed spices
1/3 serbuk kayu manis- saya tambah

1/3 sdt gula
1-1/2 sdt garam
2 sdm bread crumb- blend halus
30 ml fresh milk.
1 biji telur 'c'- 
cara :-
1) tumis yg bertanda (*) keperangan dan ketepikan.
2) satukan bahan2 selebihnya dan sebatikan rata. masuk bwg tadi sekali dgn butter. uli lagi sebati dan bulat2 kan ikut besar mana yg kalian suka.
3) guna non stik pan, masuk kan sikit butter dan masak api sederhana. tutup pan supaya masak rata dan balik2 kan kejap hingga masak.
p/s .- butter dlm pan gn di buang. di guna utk membuat sos.
Sos Gravy
butter lepas masak meatball.
2 cwn chicken stok
I used 2 cups of water with 2 cubes on my frozen chicken stock
2 cwn whipping krim (*) I only have half cup of whip cream and add the remaining with fresh milk
1 sdm kicap cair
1 ketul kiub ayam Ade half cube je. Haha.
lada hitam sikit - powder
1/2-1 sdm tpg kentang bancuh dgn air sikit utk memekat. Used tepung jagung instead
garam/gula- tambahan kalau kurang rasa.
cara :-
1) satukan semua bahan kecuali yg bertanda (*) dan bancuhan tpg kentang.
2) didihkan dan rasa secukupnya baru masukan (*). didihkan lagi dlm seminit dan kecilkan api masuk bancuhan tepung sikit2 . jgn terlalu pekat.

I dont have food processor. Gune hand mixer je, provided takde urat daging. Penah try grind skali ngn urat. Sakit jiwa I tell you sbb payah hancur. It must whole meat and only meat. Panas gak ah hand mixer aku kerjakan. Haha.

Half cooked to be stored in the fridge. Tak froze pun sbb nk mkn within the next day.

Sorrylah takde the proper picture of the whole set. Makan time sahur terkocoh2 mane nak pikir gambar dah. Haha.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ramadhan 1436H

Nak story pasal menu berbuka je actually. Amende lagi nak cite kan pose2 ni. Nak2 setiap kali Ramadhan azam tak nak beli food kat bazaar. This time around masih bertahan until today. Husband pun buat dunno je I hint malas masak. 

Happy enough dapat rotiĆ 

Rauhah punye food, depends. Die tak cerewet. Janji ade. Like I could give her lots of fruits and by the time I siap masak lunch, die dah taknak. Petang baru mkn berat, which normally menu berbuka ktorglah (I cook whenever I can. Tak suke perang nk berbuka. Petang nk rilek je) Breakfast selalunye mende2 senang like roti telur ke, goreng potato wedges or sausages.

Anyway, I dont take daily pictures of the menu. Slalu luper. Ni ade lah seketul dua that I took recently. I dah rotate 2 kali Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong. Rase kerap pulak.

Sepatutnya Laksam tapi at the evening, tak kuasa nk hadap pengukus tu. So rebus mi lidi je. Haha.

Ketam conflict sbb takut my salty egg crab tak jadi. Luckily sedap.

Again, conflict tp ni conflict interest sbb Husband tak suke udang. I nk mkn pedas berapi punye masak lemak, skali cili tak pedas pun. 

Banyak menu simple this time macam Nasi/Mee goreng and bihun sup. Western mcm Spaghetti ke Pizza ke tak buat langsung. Mood ke laut sikit.

For desserts, I made kuih yang dah penah buat. Tak kuasa nk eksperimen new things skarang. Usual is Kuih Bakar, Poppiah, Ketayap, Donut and hari ni Karipap. Dah buat xreti sikit. Kadang bagi kat jiran. Ckp sori siang2 kalau tak sedap. Haha. Yang boleh keep frozen mcm Poppiah and Donut tu, I save a bit for us later. Dlm list berangan nk menCendol. Tak jumpe pulak cendol hijau tu jual. 

Ada satu hari berangan nk bukak puasa kat Surau, so I didnt cook. Last2 nk dkat berbuka tu Aqil meme'el pulak nk tdo. Dah mane nk kejar ke Surau dah. Luckily Husband jenis asal ada food, OK. So buatlah burger je and goreng donuts. 

I would say this Ramadhan sangat simple for me. Tak berkejar nk masak itu ini, janji makan ape yg ade dlm fridge tu. Ade ayam, ayamlah. Ni ayam dah habis. Rase nk makan ayam rempah so kne pendam rasa buat ape yang ade je. Daging kicap it is for today - smlm padahal pikir kari daging tp dh berLaksa santan berbuka td, so cancel kari. Nk buat for Husband je sbb td termasak Bihun goreng for Rauhah bnyk pulak. See, so malas nk layan tekak sendiri. Janji my fridge takde simpan2 stok makanan. 

May I keep this life as simple as it is because wasting is really not good and I always feel bad throwing food away, thinking so many unfortunate outside. Hopefully this small steps brings me (and you) closer to Him at this Holy month. Amin.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

My doughnuts journey

I am a big fan of doughnuts (well, who is not?) So this is indeed in my have-to-make list. I am so ambitious that I borrow Angah's doughnuts cutter which it took me half a year to actually make it at home.

(tutup muka)

The first time, I used this one recipe and since I always have the bad luck with dough, I altered here and there, follow my I-dont-know-if-it-works-but-probably-it-might guts. It took me half a day to finish it due rolling the dough, place the cutter and what not. Sigh..so much work of making this food. Hence, my dough turns soggy and well, with some help at home, I didnt throw it and somehow get to eat my own doughnuts but the taste, bolehlah. Haha.

I am bit challenged when it didnt work for the first time. So I tried different recipe from non other Azlita's. It almost didnt turn to as perfect (actually not even half perfect pun.hehe) as hers but few tips from my Bruneian's mom help this time around. My KA helps the kneading, so I must say it is quiet easy.

My 3 years old love it to bits and I could only feast my own eyes because these father-daughter-doughnuts monsters finish the last batch. Thus I just need to do it again but since today I am at Umie's, I need to used my bare hand and knead for half hour (I started to miss my KA after the first few minutes).

Alhamdulillah my dough is getting better. In fact, I dont need a rolling pin and I dont even use cutter pun. I fried half of the dough and baked the rest. The verdict? I prefer fried ones of course. Texture much softer than the baked ones.

Thank you for this life saver recipe. I think I gain my confidence with dough. Next on my list to make the sugar bun (roti paung) sbb dh 3kali buat tp it's not the same as what I want. I'll give her recipe a try later on. But first, the little monster is galloping her doughnuts now and Im enjoying what I see at the moment :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

6 months Aqil

Aqil is such a cheerful baby. Generous with smile and laugh. Not much a cry baby like his sister at this age. Nak bawak pergi rumah orang pun senang. No crazy screams whenever stranger holds him.

Dah boleh meniarap. Laju dah and started to crawl which I found he is getting into it. Dah ade 2 rangkak ke depan but falls down whenever he tries to move forward with his hand. Ade attempt nak duduk jugak sekali just now.

Solid food dah started but Ibu wasnt that seriously prepare for it. Had made oats+raisins/dates and porridge+chicken stock+carrots but he didnt fond of them. He ate mangoes better than the rest. I notice he loves something squishy and juicy. Hmm better try with pears or apples but I doubt he'll like it.

Sleeping pattern still the same. 10pm and he is out to dream land. Sleeps through the night and only wakes for milk. Nap time ade sikit trouble sebab he wants to feed for hours before he could be in deep sleep. Yes, thanks to him, everything needs to wait. Haha.

A big fan of his sister, as small as 'hah' from Rauhah can makes him giggle hard. Alhamdulillah for such beautiful bond with these two. Rauhah pun being nice at times I couldnt handle him (probably while Im in solat or shower) by giving him a pat or singging her own 'Dont cry adik' song. Funny thing is, the song always work. I told you Rauhah has that magic with her brother. Bab toys kne tolerate and watch lagi sebab the sister is so garang bile adik grab her toys while she's playing it.

In terms of health, alhamdulillah. Nothing major and I hope this shall continue forever. Stay cheeky my little caliph. We all love you tonnes!