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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

4 months Rauhah

She's 4months 3weeks today, still counted as 4months right :P

Major milestone - Officially boleh meniarap at 4months day old. Yippie Yey! 

Giggles a lot when her daddy do funny faces or making fun of her. I notice, a simple hee-hee sounds already could makes her laugh out loud. I bought her squeak toys at 3months old but she hardly focus on it but now she utilized it by grabbing and exploring the toys for a few minutes which normally would end up into her mouth -_-"


She already started grubbing her gum which caused her drooling all the time. Kalau ade kain kat tangan tu, memang basahlah dengan air liur die. Kalau di sua jari kat mulut die, mmg die akan gigit dengan bersungguhnya dan terasa lah gusi die tu. Still yet, haven't get the chance to find her teether. I don't think it is necessary but just want to avoid her munching her fingers, which may lead sucking her hands.

Sudah kurang minum susu botol. Kalau dulu, she would finish 5/6 bottles of 5 oz at her babysitter but since she's entering 4months old, she started to drink less - only 3 bottles a day. Sedih mase awal2 tgk susu tak habis or tgk bwk balik botol kotor 3/4 je tapi lega bile die breastfeed lame when I'm with her. So ok.

Skarang sudah tahu her schedule that her parents will be home around 6pm-ish. Kak Ju (her babysitter) told me that she refuse to milk in the evening (tsk..tsk..) as Rauhah knows that we will be picking her up and I'll be direct breastfeed her at home.

She even knows her own home! She will act differently when she's at unfamiliar places. I notice it when we bring her back at Kuantan for holidays. She started to panic at the moment she arrived cause my sister straight away bring her in while I'm busy taking our bag from car. I thought it was just temporary and I let my mom bath her. 

Die mula meragam and start crying herself, the loudest ever since her birth! It makes me panic when she refuse to calm down after I hug and feed her bak, which normally it would work. I started to think she is sick and try again to hug her longer than earlier. It takes few minutes before she really calm down and a matter of a second before she starts to smile again. Aih..bikin rungsing ini anak. 

No more poopoo issue. 2/3 days she'll poops. So ok. 

Tidur pun sudah lambat. Tak macam dulu, pukul 7pm dah tidur straight to the next morning. Nowdays, dah tak tentu - she'll play, milk and sleep around 9pm or 11pm! but alhamdulillah, she always sleeps by midnight. Jadi lambat tidur sebab nak main dulu. 

Hubs pun getting more involve with Rauhah. Kalau dulu balik kerja, die akan layan PC lg lama dr layan anak :P tapi skarang full time with Rauhah, if she needs attention as long that doesn't involve bak.  Kekadang jadi risau pun ade kalau senyap je dua beranak ni. Tapi normally this is what they do when I leave them two alone.

Kekadang tu sambil main Dota pon jadi

While he's entertaining Rauhah, I'll be cleaning her bottles, packing her bag for the next day and can do some other chores. My routine also changed. I can finish my housework, dinner, solat and sleep till morning. No more sleep first, house chores later. Yey for me!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Breastfeeding Journey 109

It has been almost 2 months that I didn't really stock up my frozen EBM because my fridge is full that I have trouble keeping my frozen meat/ice cream there as well. Mind the messy arrangement cause it always fall off whenever I open this area.

Double stack at the back of the top fridge

Here as well

My friend told me that non-deep frezer EBM only last for 3months but deep freezer could last for 1 year. Such a waste if I didnt use these frozen EBM but I am super lazy to dig up those EBM at the back  (blame the lazy me for not organized it properly) and I have these thought that thawed EBM is not as yummy as fresh EBM. Haha.

Now, I'm thinking to buy deep freezer but my home is already full with stuffs and by waiting our house to be ready is far way near the future. This is where I'm thinking to donate this to baby in need but not to sure where to start.

Any idea?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Breastfeeding Journey 108

Penah tak tumpahkan susu lepas pam lame gile?

Aku penah.

First time when I'm struggling for 2oz for 40minutes. Ni zaman mendidik Ms B untuk produce milk dengan banyaknya. Aku tak ingat macam mane tumpah tapi aku ingat sampai bile2 2oz aku tu tumpah atas meja dapur. Aku tak nangis tapi aku bengang yang tahap panas telinga. 

Lepas tu aku memang berhati-hati.. up until hari Isnin lepas.

Aku dapat 10oz untuk 20minutes power pumping tapi aku tak tau kenapa kaki aku ni gatal sangat pegi tendang sebotol. Aku sempat selamatkan 2oz, tinggal 7oz je. Masa ni macam..haihh..takde rezeki. Takpe. Mungkin esok lusa ade pulak.

Alhamdulillah, besok tu susu aku banyak gile. Tahap aku tak larat nak kosongkan Ms B sebab botol dah penuh sangat-sangat. 

Pengajarannya; redha bila ujian tu datang. Rezeki tu tak kemana :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Memburu Serigala

Tersedar pukul 3 pagi, tengok husband takde. Tiada di PC mahupun depan tv.

Sah, pergi memburu ni.

Die dah remind that die akan hilang tp aku dah remind die at least kejutkan or at least text me that he is going. Tujuan nyer nak bg amanat beli buku Rauhah tapi nasib baik tau sendiri :P

In fact, die pilih buku yang aku rase nk lompat bile tengok. Haha. Husband aku adalah jenis 'alah membeli, menang memakai' Kalau bab sale ni, memang his thing. Contoh ea, yogurt drink selalu harga 2rm kan, tetiba jual 1rm, die akan beli 10 botol kalau aku tak wake him to his senses kat situ. Siap aku yang kne letak limit 3 botol je cukup. Die mmg shopaholic kalau sale menggila. =_=

Anyway, back to cerita die memburu. Hubby choose children books for Rauhah that encourage her hand-eye coordination and touching skills. Buku Rauhah murah gile sebab tu kene beli.

Ade ayam, biri-biri, katak, lion pon ade.

RM8 - Touch senses book

RM10 - Pop up book

RM6 - Bounce book.

Semua Rauhah punyer!

Untuk mak Rauhah kene beli juga, kasi sejuk hati sikit. Hehe. I'm looking this kind of book but it's too pricey when we saw at BBstore the other day. This one is super cheap that he don't mind buying :D

RM12 only!!

Ini Husband punyer. Preparation untuk masa akan datang, bile tu xtau lah.

Ini juga sebab die suke ;)

Religious book ade tapi takde Islamic book yer. Yang ade Bibble, Tao ade. Aku assume sebab semua buku dari US. Terjawablah kenapa takde kan. Masih sempat nak pegi lagi tp buku-buku best banyak dah takde.

Next time, nak pegi awal. Kene book babysitter (ehem, hi Angah!) 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Breastfeeding Journey 107

Excess lipase and scalding breastmilk

Have you heard?

I think many mothers not aware that our breastmilk would taste sour which might cause our baby rejected EBM and prefer direct feeding. One would claims that they are queen of pumping EBM and have stash of stocked in their fridge but little that they know, one could have this problem with their milk.

From the reading, excess lipase doesn't mean sours the milk. It's just not taste as nyummy as fresh breastmilk. Nothing wrong about it. It's the matter of babies preferences which might the answer of why your baby loves direct feeding/fresh EBM than frozen EBM.

The blog explains a lot on the excess lipase and don't forget to read the comments as well. I have doubts about scalding the milk but in the meantime, I'll remind myself to look for Lactation Consulant when going for Rauhah's check up (cause I dont remember where did I put their contact no -.-)

Will let you know about it! Till then ;)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Breastfeeding Journey 106

Breastfeeding needs a lot of patience. It wasn't easy. Honestly, you need a lot of determination. Support also essential but sometimes, not everyone is lucky to have people supporting what you do, which includes your parents and even your husband.

Alhamdulillah, I am truly blessed with supporting husband who knows more about breastfeeding that I do. Hehe. My parents also wasn't fussy about this but there's a few things that I need to fixed about their ideas of breastfeeding. For example, giving plain water to babies and how to handle EBM. I also done a lot of reading and always sharing the knowledge to my dearest.

Things might seems easy for me but the truth is it's not. I already tell about the pain I'm going through on 101 post. That doesn't include the sleepless night when Rauhah wants to be fed through out the night. Backache, dizziness and not to mention my all-the-time hungry tummy.

Therefore, be grateful with whatever outcome from your boobs, stay positive and be happy, always :) InsyaAllah, rezeki untuk anak itu sentiasa ada. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Medela Freestyle Review

Upfront note: This is review for US Medela Freestyle. 

I've been using this daily and I'm satisfied with the usage. Bought it from emumsdadshop which gives complete whole package and she's been a very nice seller! We bought it COD at Gombak at RM1350. Gives free 6 bottles jingle jungle, a romper, baby bips & fruit storage. This lady provides good service when the ice pack that we bought from her cracked and she replace it with the new ice pack, together with new cooler bag. The cheapest I found online and in Malaysia.

This pump has served me well enough that I shall review based on what I love and hate about this product.

1. Light and easy to carry
2. Easy to assemble.
3. Several suctions phase that you can choose based on your suitability
4. It's hands free! I can do other things while pumping. So far doing it while blogging, eating and washing dishes! There's this one day that I am so sleepy and sleep while pumping in the office surau the other day. Hahaha.
5. Easy for tandem feeding
6. Suitable for most of the bottles that I have, except Avent.

7. Double pump!
8. Time display that I can check how long I've been pumping
9. Rechargeable battery

1. Loud sounds when using high level suction. Satu surau boleh dengar okay.
2. Narrow parts of breast shield connector that needs detail cleaning. I usually take ample time to brush that narrow parts to avoid that black thing inside the shield but sometimes it still happen when I don't brush it thoroughly.

Not sure if this can be avoided if you sterilize daily.

Cleans it with cotton bud and wet tissue.

Comes clean :)

3. It's US plug socket (not that troublesome once you buy the converter)

The thing when you pumping in the office is that you could see so many styles an technique to pump with different tools. I once saw this lady using manual pump until she sweats while pumping the milk but I am amaze with her result. A full bottle in less than 10 minutes. Superb! I also envy with those silent breast pump that people hardly notice but most of people who using that kind of pump normally hiding under their telekung. 

Therefore, another plus point for Medela Freestyle is one breast pump that you could you at ease and relaxing, without sweat or hiding yourselves while pumping :) Yeah, it's pricey but totally worth it for me :D

3 months Rauhah

We are late for Rauhah 3 months jab by 10 days. Sorry darling. Your parents really caught up with 'stuffs' since we come back from Kuantan. The appointment scheduled at 12.15pm and I wake up at 11am. Rushing myself to shower and luckily this young lady already wake up, so cheery as usual. Take her for bath and prepare two bottles EBM in case she needs it in the car. So its just me and Rauhah to PCMC. Alhamdulliah, our journey in in the car was at ease. She sits in the car seat comfortably, looking outside to see moving cars, (most of the time) play with her hands and sometimes checking her mother who is driving.

We arrived sharp at 12.20pm and straight away weigh her in, measure her head and heights. I tought it's just a short appointment or at most half hour, so I didn't bring her carrier nor stroller. Unfortunately, we have to wait for two hours (i assume the doctor has emergency operation or something) and aduhai, lenguh mak nak.

Rauhah at 6.8kg with 64cm height

The good thing is Rauhah is not cranky about it but she's getting flu, probably the aircond that caused her so. She's very happy baby and cooing whoever passed by her. Only cries when she needs her milk and after bf her, she falls asleep.

Her name finally been called at 2.40pm and she's awake when she heard my conversation with the doctor. Her look was like 'Oh boy, it's THE doctor!' with wide eyes suddenly open. Funny expression that I almost chuckeld myself while having conversation. Dr. Anthony was so friendly and he explains the vaccin that Rauhah going to take. He then asked about when Rauhah is taking her solid food which I plan to give her when she's 6mo. He briefly explain that nowdays some mothers choose to feed their baby when 4mo but it's okay because their bowel are well functions to process the food.

After that, I put Rauhah down and he starts checking her reflections from her hands (gasping), her knees and leg. He touched her tummy, abs area and checking her lung as well, afraid for phnumonea. Alhamdulillah, everything was fine and he gives the shot. She gives one loud cry and stops when the nurse quickly take and hug her. That is some baby psychological that I love about this hospital. The hug gives comfort to baby,telling that they are okay :) Way different from Al-Farabi Kuantan.

It's just 15 minutes session and I'm very satisfied with the doctor. Paid the bills and later meet a nurse when we heads to the lift. She saw Rauhah still wearing her mittens and advice to stop doing it cause this is the time she needs to feel my skin and touch things. I told her that Im afraid she would scratch herself (well, actually I dont know how long a baby should wear mittens) but she said I shouldnt worry as long I make sure I dont let her nails too long. She said baby only wears it for a week after born and we should let then learn to touch right away. Point taken and I'm happy that I can now always see the cute plumpy fingers!

Bye bye mittens!

Rauhah is yet to lie downward. Few attemps been made and infact, she tries it very hard but only manage to do it half way. She then would scream, like angry with herself. Haha. It's okay sayang. Cube lagi yer. Sleeping pattern still okay, sleeps through out the night and sometimes wake up just for feed (with closed eyes) Hardly sleeps during the day, even if so, it would just be more or less than half hour. The rest of the day would be her play time, gooing and gurgles a lot, especially when people around.

Poo poo? Well, I notice she takes her time to poops since she entering 3mo. The longest she ever hold her poops is a week! Could you imagine how relief I was everytime she poops? I've checked with the doc and it is fine, as long she's bf, no constipation and happy ;) Tapi bile skali berak, memang BOMlah kan. Kene terus mandi sbb banyak sngt. Haha.

See, I have to write down her berak schedule to remind myself on the last time she poops

Sudah pandai pilih direct bf rather than EBM bottle when I'm around. She would drinks through bottle but that would be time consuming cause she keeps on rejecting after few suction. I had bought few teats to replace medela teats which overdue (teats need to be changed every 3mo) but couldnt find the same teats like it. She loves the medela teats so much that there's one point she would prefer drinking from bottle rather than direct feeding. Yeah, teats issue probably also the problem with bottle feeding nowdays. Her babysitter also said the same thing- she prefer medela teats rather than avent teats.
I couldnt find medela teats sold in KL so far, if yes, it's only in Manjaku Kuantan that sells together with the bottle (it cost a lot too and thats why I didnt buy it before this cause I assume I would get it cheaper elsewhere. now Im regretting myself not buying it. sigh)

Anyway, are you still reading this? Haha. This post are more to our notes for her progress but thank you for reading the whole ramblings. That's it for now.  I leave you with Rauhah new distraction, Pocoyo (she would stay still if she see this, probably because it's one item moving, highlighted color and it's communicates) Enjoice!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Breastfeeding Journey 105

I had pump party everyday in the office, did you know that? Haha. At least there's three or four people in Surau when I came in :P That's in HQ but back in my real office, there are four similar faces who'll be using the mini Surau that we had at our floor. It's kind of fun actually when you have person who you can talk to on breastfeeding. You know, stuff like 'my breast is hurt because this and this' or 'did you know that you can apply your own milk to heal nipple crack?'

Changing knowledge and experience while pumping is like two in one package. Wait, three if it includes resting time :P

I manage to pump 19oz the first day I work and I ensure that I had pump twice a day in the office, at least - morning/after lunch/before go back. Then the amount decreasing the next day and I realize that's the max I could get so far. In average I could only have 15oz per day and that is sufficient for the next day fresh stock for Rauhah.

I usually rotate my frozen stock one bag per day. So she'll have one bottle of milk from frozen stock and the rest are all fresh milk. I hope I could continue keeping this phase of pumping session and please Tuhan, I want to bf my child until she's two. Amin.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fabulous Mom

I heard about this store for the first time when Along mention it for me to find Rauhah's baby carrier. We are in need of the carrier since we think having a stroller is quite troublesome for a short shopping spree at supermarket.

We went to their branch at Puchong, located next to IOI mall. To be honest, I really love FM compared to BBstore. It has more variety in terms of products like baby carrier, breast pump, poncho, bra's, milk storage etc. What I love the most is their helpful sales assistance that willing to let customer try on any stuff that we want and tested ourselves. 

The store is so convenient that they have changing rooms, nursing room and rest area that also provides water, several toys and rocker for parents who wants takes a short break with their kids, like what Hubby did. Rauhah is a bit cranky cause it's her nap time and thankfully, the place is really comfortable that Hubs can sit and gives her milk. I, on the other hand could have my time to check out stuffs that I need. 

Lots of items to find!


Fitting Room and Nursing Room

Nursing Room (inside)

Rest area

We haven't done much research on baby carrier, so we asked for help for the sales assistance and she had explained the product that they have, Ergo and Boba. We tried Ergo at first but Rauhah seems uncomfortable and cried when we put her inside. Then I tried Boba. She's a bit cranky at first but not long after she starts to sit quietly inside and falls asleep. Haha. Hubs tries it on as well and he also loves it more than Ergo. We saw it's on 10% discount, so, up for grab! I think we had spend time for almost one hour in the store and Rauhah continue sleeping inside the carrier until we went off to IOI mall :P

Sleeping, with her daddy's heartbeat lullaby.

Oh, I forgot to tell that FM has sales until 1 Jan 2013. It was crazy and I almost spend like I have thousands in my account. Haha. Well, it was really a good bargain, like Jingle Jungle milk storage 10% discount and BB disposable breast pad 36 pieces, buy 1 free 1. I also had wasted my RM5 for this bracelete. Hey, it's one for RM6.90 and three for RM5. It's a MUST BUY! Haha.

Now I have a reminder ;)

I think FM is focusing on parents need and therefore, I love, love Fabulous Mom. Hurry up peeps. Grab the hot items before it sold out ;)

Breastfeeding Journey 104

We went out on Saturday when I'm at Kuantan for Rauhah circumcision and decided to shop a bit at ECM. I already spared my EBM, warmed and it last till we went home. It's 3 hours outing and she had around 6 or 7 oz. This is not the first time we went out with EBM.

We had travelled from KL-Tampin-KL-Kuantan in one day and my stock last through out the day. We don't have warmer, so what we did was keep EBM chilled and bring thermos to warm the EBM when needed. Old school, ey? :) I even could pump my milk in the car and Hubs don't even notice :P

I don't find it's hard to entertain her with EBM and I even direct breastfeed her once we went out to buy groceries the other day. I could bf provided with my Poncho (Thanks Ude for giving this!). I don't think I need nursery room to breast feed her if I don't bring my EBM bottle.

What could possibly goes wrong with breastfeeding, right? It's saves money and baby are more healthy than having formula milk ;)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Welcome to reality!

I'm back in the office since last week. Yeah, welcome to reality. The first two days was great, in terms of energy and level of tiredness. I have a collegue who is breastfeed, working and no nanny to handle the house chores. Everything is at her own and she told me that she usually straight went to bed after work. I once tought how tired lah kan it would possibly be?

I mean, come on, it's just work and a baby who knows nothing to make you feel tired. But man, I was wrong. Completely wrong! I collapse right after maghrib and will dozz off with Rauhah while breastfeeding her. I would rather sleep in growling stomach due to the tiredness. Could you imagine how pathetic it was? Breastfeeding and baby really could worn you out but I realize I shouldn't make this an excuse. I just swore myself that I want to be a good mother and wife as what I see in my mother. She's a working mom when she have 5 of us. Our house never really a mess and she ensure that everyone having meal, homecooked, even just a simple nasi goreng.

Therefore, I start making a routine. I sleep early and wake up around 2 or 3 am to clean Rauhah's bottle from babysitter, packing her bag for tomorrows day, ironing Hubs cloths, eat and pumping (shall not leave your breast full with milk cause engorgement could lessen up your milk production) I would then continue my sleep again until Subuh and I could choose either to continue back to sleep or pumping then straight away get ready to office. Cooking is possible but I need to ensure it's a very quick and easy meal, like sardine and vege, under half hour. Memang bersilat la kat dapur. Hubs is not fussy about dinner and to think again, he never asked me to cook when he knows there's cereal or fast food that he can call 24/7.

Clean up will be done normally at times after I have my sleep, but there's this one day, Hubs helps me with the chores - cleaning Rauhah's bottle. Ahhh... if only the moon is always blue :p but syukur Hub's trully understand and helping me entertain Rauhah when my hands is full. Plus point, he would do whenever I asked for his help - with no complains, which includes yesterday that I asked him to clear out the space at one corner. The instruction seems vague to him cause there's so many things (boxes, laundry basket, iron board, baby cot) and he asked again 'What do you want me to do?' then I told him 'Well, you can move the iron board' and guess what, he literally only moved the iron board, leaving the iron on the floor. Hahaha. Still, thank you Husband ;) I would possibly gone hair wire if you are not around.  

Motherhood is a blessed that I think, one should not complain but embrace :) I'm at a phase where I have everything in the world - happiness.

Syukur, alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Breastfeeding Journey 103

I'll be back in the office less than a month, thus I already start collecting the stock for Rauhah, starting yesterday. Hehe. Well, I should have done it earlier actually.

First problem is I don't have enough bottles and two, does my EBM stock will last, not ruin/effecting the milk for 3 hours journey from Kuantan-KL? That if the case Kuantan-KL, what if Besut-KL?

Done some research over internet and found that instead of bottle, I can use milk storage but again, what type of milk storage?how to store/keep the EBM last? There's a lot of type milk storage outside there; Autumnz, Jingle Jungle, Pegion, Suri, You Have A Baby and many more. I also found that there are people (this is a good motivator blog for BF, based on her experience) who keep the milk in normal plastic like bekas dadih and plastik aiskrim but I am not convinced enough that it is safe to keep the EBM inside since there's BPA, even they are not heating up the container.

As I am still at Kuantan, it is hard to find milk storage anywhere near the town. Buy it online is out of question since I need it urgently as I'm going back this weekend. I went to two stores, Tunas Manja Baby World and Manjaku. TMBW don't sell any and I know Autumnz have their product at Manjaku and TwinBaby. Unfortunately, I couldn't find TwinWorld (left GPS at home and I dont quite familiar with the town even I was born here) and Manjaku don't have any stock. Luckily, there's Pegion - the one and only milk storage available in Manjaku. Since I desperately need the milk storage, I just bought the item for RM29.00/25 pieces :(

Right now, I am keeping track my EBM stock by doing inventory, afraid that I lost count. Huhu. I only store 3oz, 4oz and 5oz for my stock. This amount should increase in time.

There are few options that I want to try keeping my EBM using other type of milk storage, like this lady used Suri, this used Autumnz and this used YHAB. I want to try to find the best milk storage that is more to economic and saved spaced in the fridge. I saw OneBabyWorld and BBstore have discount on milk storage items. Hope I can make time to buy these stuff when I'm back in KL. Mothercare also sold milk storage. Ahh..so much places to look for this item in KL.

Then, back to issue number two; bringing back my EBM to KL. Well, I found this blog that bring back her EBM from Perlis to KL. Amazing huh? So I can do the same too. Hopefully, there's space in our car later on.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Life is like a rainbow, you need both sun and rain to make its color appear

Showed this to Hubs and he guessed it's a pillow case. Ayah came over the kitchen and saw the same thing and he thought it's a mouse pad. So, you get my point for the title up there.

I started doing this at 12noon and finish it at 5pm. Wanna know why? Started baking and preparing the mixed ingredients, not long after Rauhah calling for milk, put her to sleep and cont. Then, mom is making nasi ayam today so cant wait any longer, set aside all the baking stuff. I just have to eat you know. Then continue baking. Stop again for prayers. After that, Rauhah calling for milk again.

See.. the long hours are justified. Haha.

Rainbow cake

This is my second attempt for making this cake. Honestly, I need to be extra diligent to do it since there's few layers and I have to do it one layer at a time (due to limitation of the pan).

I am super satisfied with the end result and you know what, Umie already asked me to do it again for this coming Raya Haji.

Gotta thanks this reference for the recipe :) Self note, be patient for waiting the hot cake to cool first, else it'll end up like this. Eatable but hideous!

This color reminds me of cookie monster :P

Couldn't find mascarpone cheese, thus replace with cream cheese. No powdered sugar used. Just normal sugar but I blend to make it fine. Easier when mixing it all in the mixture. All food coloring by Star brands. Next time, I think I'm going to try the food puree to get the organic color, and ohhh gotta use smaller pan to get thicker cake :P

So, who wants a bite?


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Two months Rauhah

I recognize she already has sleeping pattern but it didn't fixed from when till when. As long she had a long sleep (either day or night), she'll be fully awake for min 6 hours straight! Thank God no cranky panky;) but still, it worries me. Is it okay for a baby stays up so long?

She had her injection on Thursday and she's a very strong girl! Just cried a bit, then all smiling again. Went home and she sleep through out the day until the next morning (noon to be exact). Must be the med I think. Wake up for milking and change diapers. Thats all. Easy day for me, and Alhamdulillah, no fever :)

But yesterday was quite a trick. She wakes up around 12pm and sleeps at 2am! She did sleeps for about  5 min max but then wakes up again. Again, no cranky but just need someone to entertain her. Luckily I have my sisters around, else I'll be dried out.

And my baby is very bubbly these days! Such a talker!

This was taken around midnight -_-"

Monday, October 1, 2012

Aqiqah Rauhah

In case you didn't know Aqiqah is an Islamic ceremony whereby a parents will sacrifice an animal as a sign of thankful for a newborn. It is not mandatory but highly encourage. In our case, we had sacrifice a goat for our daughter and invited guests for lunch. In accordance to the Aqiqah, we did Marhaban and Cukur Jambul (both also not mandatory, more to a tradition).

Marhaban is where a group of people will praising Allah's for gracious in rhythmic. Cukur Jambul is an occasion in Malay tradition for a new horn first haircut. This been done while Marhaban take in place, together with few items been splattered on the baby. People will take turn removing few hair locks from the new born and after the ceremony, the whole hair will be shaved and weigh in. The hair weight will be used to transfer in the price of gold to be given to the needy as an alms.

Items for Cukur Jambul, every items have meaningful purpose in Malay tradition

Rauhah's Aqiqah happened on 1st September 2012 which I am still on my pantang days. Food catered by Haji Lazim, someone that Ayah knows and we have been ordering his cook since my engagement days. We had white rice, mixed vege, lamb curry, ayam masak merahmasak lemak nangka, sambal belacan and ulam.

There's dessert section where Umi ordered egg tarts, make pulut kuning with kari ayam, agar-agar, bahulu by Mama, bubur kacang courtesy from Haji Lazim, and muffin courtesy from Umi's friend. No food pictures since everyone was so busy handling guests and the event itself. The only picture that we have is only during marhaban and cukur jambul. Her pelamin was by someone that Umie knows, a very last minute decision. As for myself,I prepared the goodie bag with jelly and candies, Umi bought bunga telur and Mama prepared the pulut manis


In my hometown, they have their own committee that handles marhaban, Yaasin recitation and cukur jambul. Thus, Umie just invited them for that day session. It started at 10am with the ladies recite Yaasin, followed by berendoi where they perform some poetry while the baby in baby swing (Malay tradition again), Marhaban and the last bit was the Cukur Jambul session. 

Yaasin recitation and she's in her rocker


Rauhah was sleeping and everything was fine, until she wakes up in the middle of poetry. Syair die haru tau, tersentuh jiwa dengar macik-macik ni nyanyi. Tak ingat sangat lirik tapi memang meruntun. Aku baru feeling dengar ayat-ayat syair tau, tetiba bangun pulak nak susu. Luckily drama tak lama sangat. Give her milk and she's wide awake!

Cukur Jambul

The committees :)

Family photo! (more on FB)

It took almost 2 hours for the whole ceremony take in place. Such a tiring day for everyone but that's not all. Hubs have to shaved her hair and it took him 4 hours to do so (of course, few milking at a time and few people holding her). He's using normal shaver and  damaged 3 shavers to finish Rauhah's hair :P 

Tok Andak's holding Rauhah's while Hubs shaved her

The end result :P

That day was a very hot day and I'm afraid Rauhah is going to get fever due to the hotness and tiring day. At the end of the day, I ensured she get herself clean (just wipes her with wet towels), get enough direct breast milk, and sleep well. Alhamdulillah, she's a healthy and cheeky baby on the next day, though I feel weird looking at her bald head -_-" 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last year, on this date..

I put this in draft but forgot to schedule on 25th. So here goes..


..we planned for another trip, fulfilling our dreams to climb Mount Kinabalu together
..we almost booked a flight to Bandung, but cancelled due to some circumstances
..we were together, at home, just the two of us
..little we knew, God will grant us her

and here's today, you were 300km far away from me,
thinking what's waiting for us in the coming years,
as things always changed,
as times will always flies,
as our family grown (InsyaAllah),

I still love you, every bit of everything about you

Happy 2 years anniversary, Love

Sunday, September 23, 2012


As I mention in previous post, we went back KL (when I am still at my pantang days) for my check up for a week which means, it leaves me and Rauhah at home during weekdays. Just the two of us. I am nervous, thinking how it's going to be. We basically have been left alone during the days at Kuantan but there's Umie and Ayah in the evening when they are back at work. I could have me time while they are enjoy taking care of Rauhah. Plus, I still don't have to do the chores, mom will prepare my meal and even bath Rauhah.

Therefore, when there's only me and Rauhah, things going to be challenging. I have to be independent. Welcome to the (almost) real life. But it wasn't so bad after all. Yes, she's a bit clingy but in a good way. I still can have my meal, which I cooked by myself (even it's already 3/4PM, depending when she's sleeping. I even proudly bath her before noon (YEAY!) and tidy up here and there a bit. I could filled myself with cereal/oat/milk/Jacob's weetameal if I'm having a late lunch,at times she needs me to be with her.

Rauhah is so nice that she sleeps whenever she's full. No unnecessary crying. No drama. I could lie down on the couch while bf her,watching my favorite show and at the same time munching my cookies :P Basically, I could do anything that I want, It was very surreal and pleasant week. These makes me started to think to be a fulltime housewives. Haha!

There's this one day, PIL comes knocking on the door, without warning. Both Hubs and I didn't know that they are in town. Memang surprised lah. Haha. I am cooking, preparing Hubs meal (I'm over rajin) and not wearing my socks. Two sins during pantang. Ha..gabra. The house is very messy, I tell you. Luckily MIL understands,though been warned to leave all the chores and wear my socks :P She then fold our pilled up cloths in the basket, tidy up my cooking mess and wash the dishes while I just lie down and bertungku. Hatoi..malu..

Anyway, they brought us ikan haruan kering. Sedap woohhhhh...buat aku nak makan banyak lg ade. Ever since they came, I cooked the same meal for myself, nasi+sayur sawi+carrot+ikan haruan kering. Omm noomm!

Hubs helping me for going to the groceries/market for fish/vege etc. He normally do the cleaning (wash the dishes,laundry) whenever he likes. I notice he one wakes up at 4AM washing the piled up dishes that I left since noon. He would help me wearing my socks without saying much (penat suruh agaknya. hehe) He even makes me some snack or drinks (aku kan ngade, nak milo la, nk jus apple la) when I'm hungry (breastfeeding really makes me hungry all the time!!)

He'll spend his time more with Rauhah compared to his PC, Diablo, Dota and what not. Life are totally different after I'm giving birth to Rauhah! He's more involved doing the household without asking for help. As myself, I looked him differently; with much love, more respect and grateful everyday.

Thank you Allah ^_^ May this happiness everlasting. Amin.

Halford Zeus Plus Review

Well, more to general car seat experience and tips ;)


I already reviewed a bit on this baby car seat at this post but I only focus on the fitting to our car. Now, I can review it based on my experience putting our new born in the car seat.

We try it when we are heading back to KL for my postnatal check up. There was 3 adults in the car and a baby. At first, we put the car seat at the back, thinking that it would be easier since Angah willing to take care of Rauhah in case she's uneasy. Me on the other hand sitting at the front.

Things a bit uncomfortable for us as a start. We stopped few times before coming in to the first toll. She was sleeping when we put her and it seems not comfortable. She starts to cry at the moment we put her in. Guessing it must be her diapers, we stopped by at petrol station and changed but she cried again when we put her back to the car seat.

Hubs insisted to put her back whenever she calm down even Angah is willing to hold her for the entire journey. We once manage to put her in but Angah said her head was tilting when the car moves. We already placed her pillow to support her back but it doesn't work. He then changed the car seat to the front but still Rauhah refused to sit tight. This put in and out happens few times which at the end all of us give up and Rauhah seems restless. Thus, Angah and I take turns to hold her.

Looking uncomfortable and her heads tilting at this position.

It was dangerous to hold her in the car, especially when Hubs taking corner at Karak highway. Plus, it was quite tiring to hold 4.7kg baby on my arms and Hubs keeps his eyes on us when we hold her, afraid the person who holds Rauhah falls asleep.

Later on, Hubs tried again when we drop Angah at her place. Amazingly, she sits tight, no tilting, sleeps soundly and looking comfortable. She keeps on sleeping when we arrived home. Alhamdulillah, the drama ends well :)


We tried again when we heads to Tampin and back to Kuantan. She sleeps well through out the journey, sampai nak kejut tukar lampin pun tak sampai hati :)) Dah terer letak Rauhah dalam car seat. Wohoo!! Baby and parents are all one happy family in (more or less) 7 hours drive.

For me, it is wise to put her at the front (our car only have air bag for the driver) because Hubs could look after her if I'm sleeping at the back. He could reach her easily if he needs to pat her or wipe her spew.

Looking good baby ^__^


The thing about putting a baby into a car seat is that we need to keep on trying,be patient and ensuring the baby comfortable. Don't force the baby to sit in when he/she cried. Let them loose a bit and try again when he/she calm down. Hubs being persuasive and determine to put her in. I, on the other hand have a soft heart, willing to hold her through out the journey. Imagine the tiredness and risk if I were to hold her for hours. If it's not because of Hubs, I guess, we never use the car seat.

I'll probably review again when she's big enough to see how long does this car seat could serves us. So far, the new born totally could fit in this car seat, provided we put additional support at her back.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Breastfeeding Journey 102

I feel glad that I had invest to a good breast pump. It already serves me well since I'm having plenty of milk that I always have to make sure I pumped it up or Rauhah having both sides equally. I already calculated that if I could get 16oz a day by pumping, I could probably starts stocking my milk a day or two at least, before I start working.

Rauhah at 2 weeks

Rauhah is quite a demand baby. She could finish 6/7 oz (from the bottle) when she wakes up from 5 hours of sleeping. Nowdays, I have to pump when she falls asleep during midnight, else I wake up with engorgement.

We are having trouble when she could finish too much milk from her bottle where she usually throws it up after we burped her. She would then cried for more and I'm worried she drinks too much. I'm not sure how burping is necessary cause I noticed that Rauhah normally throws up quite often after we pat her on the back. I tested that if I give her just enough (4oz) and lie her on her tummy, she would straight away falls to sleep and hardly throwing up.

Therefore, I prefer she's having her milk directly because she hardly throw it up after milking. Speaking the power of direct breast feed ;)

Oh, by the way, the sign she's having enough milk is when she falls asleep straight away. I can poke her during her sleep and she refuse to wake up. I leave you a vid to feast your eyes :P