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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

27 July 2010

Megasale finally here and we managed to do our shopping but end up buying none. Haha! But...but... we already finalized things to buy since da tgk sane sini, pilih tu pilih ni, and tak mo dah carik lg. I guess everything just the same, except your preferences je.

Mari checklist lg ape yg da decide:
- His shirt and slack
- His belt and wallet
- His shoes

Sume barang die. Haha. Ala..my stuff ape je. Ok2. Left things to decide:
- His watch
- Her watch
- Her purse/handbag

All electronic stuff (TV/Wii/PS3) beli lepas kahwin. Susah sangat nk decide kn. Lgpun we can decide later on after we moved in.

Meja Guest Book pon da decide. We just buy colored paper and cut it to butterfly pieces. Tempek kat dinding camni. Idea yg menarik. Mr. Fiancee pon agree. Save space and cost rather than nk beli frame (ini idea perempuan ini la) and gantung plak. Kertas kene cari. Im thinking beli 1 bundle A4 colored paper tu tp nk kerat2 tuh. Aduh..kne rajinkan diri. Eh..chop. Mr.Fiancee kan creatif. Die buat kije halus tau. Aci tak mntk die buat? Heheee!

Misi Nilai 3 pon da accomplished! We managed to get:
- bunga manggar
- VIP doorgift (mug)
- wrapper and ribbons to wrap the mug
- paperbag for nikah
- bunga rozette

Card da siap! Cepat kan. I think I hold it first till middle puasa bru bagi. Tak pun lepas raya or the week of my wedding. Turns out tak payah letak ribbon dah. It's already nice to see. Tambah ribbon yg ngelip2 tu kang lg srabut :P

Anything that I missed out? Oh..yes. Pictures! Mr Fiancee??

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Diamond Ring

Cantiknye pakai cincin ni. I wish you could have it one day.

21 July 2010

We finally found my bracelet and damn gold is getting expensive! Haha! Its true though. Last time when we buy for our cincin merisik, the gold for 916 is RM138 or something but today is RM145 per gram! I bet its gonna be higher this coming raya.

Scratch one thing!

Poor his ring. My budget da lari so I have to KIV this first (bleh eh dear?xmo scratch dulu)

Its hard to be in the budget when you have people who keep on buying things that out of your plan. You know.. :P Its not they ask you to pay, but still - its your wedding kan. Haiyoh!

Ok. Back to our prep! Mr. Fiancee already found his wallet and belt. Two things settled before we gonna buy it during Megasale.

My ex-roommate will buy our Iphone in Singapore, therefore, no need for us to go there - cut cost! Like! Like!

Turns out lollipop is reduced from 300 to 250 sebab salah tulis dalam invoice and luckily Umie said tak yah la tambah. 300 takut bnyk sangat. Ok! No problemmo!

Doorgift adult which is cake da almost settled but I dont like the ribbon so I have to think of something to make it cuter. Haha! It's all about the looks isn't?

Doorgift during nikah pon da settel. Yasin da tempah. Box for kurma pon dah. Kurma je blom beli. Puasa nnt bru beli okay. Paperbag beli kat Nilai this weekand.

Mak Ndak will settle for hantaran deco and I choose to be purple - konon close to pink lah. I tought nk buat pelamin garden color (green/white or white only) but tak naik la plak. So purple it goes.

Turns out, Linda will design our bunting and she showed me her draft yesterday and I like it!! Ouh..tak sabar tunggu siap. I dont like LH design so have to let it go and just ask them to print it for us ;)

Kad kahwin pun da confirm. Collect on 28th July and nnt Mr. Fiancee kne help me ikat the ribbon sbb ini perempuan sangat la tidak kreatif. Ikat ribbon pon xpandai. Eip. bukan tak pandai. tak cantik je :P

Wah..almost done! Tinggal borang which is nk tunggu my side sbb the validity for kebenaran kahwin at Pahang is 1month so kne tunggu August bru start. Wuu..takut je.

And my good friend will getting married this Saturday. Feel sad but at the same time too happy for her. Weekand ni bnyk kije and too many things to settle for our doorgift/DIY stuff/barang2 kahwin (bunga manggar etc)

Da list out. Tunggu beli je. Fuh. Fuh. Cepat weekand!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

20 July 2010

Pening nk update. Mari melihat ini pelamin. Mini punyer.

Ni amek kat sini


The important thing that I want for my pelamin nikah are:
- no kerusi
- background putih (cam langsir tu)

Idea nk combine both concept because I have the mood of creating the pomander. Have the thought of using dip filler flowers tp ble dgr 100rm per can - fuh, fuh..tgk la camne. hahaha!

If according to what I've listed dlm my book, bnyk sgt nk DIY tp tak tau la jadi ke tak :P

Thursday, July 15, 2010

15 July 2010

Misi Lollipop sudah berjaya! Walaupun bengang sebab xdpt harga same ngn blogger itu tp saya puas hati sebab lolli itu sedap *wink2*

Ade picture tp card reader saya tah kemane perginyer. Ish! Tp xpe. Mr.Fiancee tolong uploadkan nnt (bleh yerh? bleh yerh?)

We ordered 150 pieces for 30g and 150 pieces for 15g. Saya rse nnt akan berlaku pergaduhan sbb berebut lollipop besar. Huhu. Maaflah, lollipop besar mahal okay! Hehe~

Have a bad news with our taker for kerusi+meja kat dewan. Turns out the guy (we called him Mat Yie) business is a fraud. Die sudah tipu manyak orang woo. Sep bek la Umie bru bayar deposit RM100 dulu hari tu. Mmg ingt nk byr terus dah. No wonder la tak pernah return call/sms!

I think the last time his kedai bukak is when Umie met him tu. Then die bungkus cabut lari. Some part of me feel blessed sbb we've been alert earlier. Klu jd da dkat2 majlis camne? On the day itself? Ha..nauzubillah!

This news coming from Angah. Umie hasnt tell me yet. I think she wants to find the replacement first, so that I wont worry much. Hmm..

Semoga Allah memudahkan segala urusan kami. Amin :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

12 July 2010

Perihal doorgift yang tak berkesudahan. Smalam pegi surf about doorgift and berkenan ngn yang ni. Menarik kn? Sangat rare (or xde?) orang bg fridge magnet to guess. Discuss ngn angah and she agree jugak.

Then surf lg.

Jumpe ni. Cute kn? I was thinking nk isi kurma for nikah later. Then tunjuk la kat Umie. She kinda agree but suddenly tah camne she suggest to put cake inside to give it to adults guest.

Aiyah..disebabkan ia cheaper and Umie dengan pantasnya call Mak Ndak asking about the cake. Tup tap. Mak Ndak's friend bleh tolong buatkan 75cent per piece including packaging which is way cheaper than what I plan.

Segala plan pada awalnya da xjd T_T

I think I just stick what Umie suggested. But I did emailed Ole Ole manis asking the transparent box utk isi kurma jugak (degil - nk jugak box cute tu) Pastu nk jugak fridge magnet tu sbb nk bg kat VIP but the price da different sbb sikit je nk beli. Double the price tau! Aish...

Saya suke fridge magnet tu.

Everytime pon conflict mcm ni....

Tak suke la...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

11 July 2010

I dont know how to start writing updates on our outfit for his side yesterday. Senang crita, da setel and we can slash that one. We choose (not we, the tailor suggested) silver as it match with the lace that I bought during our engagement dulu - to pleased me and Umi. I get my baju nikah and Umi gets the-other-color-than-white during Majlis Menyambut Menantu. But I think Umi would prefer THE color, silver is not a color - tak ckup menarik I guess. Hmm..

We have troubles find the right chiffon and satin for the lace. We went to K.A Mohamad Sharif to buy it but when we show it to the tailor, the combination obviously wrong! Honestly, at first, the tailor didnt help much - she didnt suggest what design should the baju be, she dont even know what color suits the lace! Tak tau la if Im the one who should know what I want but I am the customer who expect that she could help me with such thing. Pastu, si customer ni xtau which color yang sesuai, customer ni jugak yg g cari kain. Dah la salah. Lagi naik angin.

Ble da beli, tunjuk ngn die, I said 'kat kedai nmpk da match da. bwk sini nmpk lain pulak' Pastu bru she mention its because of the lighting sgala. 'Kedai slalu buat kaler kuning, kne g tempat cerah baru nmpk the right color' I was like 'Td xnk ckp!'

Haish..luckily we manage to get the right lace at the second time. Tu pun struggle jugak. Budak kat Kamdar tu tak helpful btul. At last, me and Umi jugak yang kne cari sndri and luckily we found one tp mahal gile and the other salesman help us looking for lower price than that one with the same color yang mahal tu.

See what I mean? Both pictures are the same, just the upper one is without lighting.

Oh..secara tak sengaja da reveal the color. Huhu. Satin tu would be the base, and the chiffon will be used for my kain. So for his baju melayu, we will change with baju nikah that we take from Amy. Thank God Amy agree to swipe the white baju melayu with silver one. So Mr. Fiancee will wear his baju nikah that he send for tailoring and wear the silver baju melayu from Amy.

I think, Amy really helping me yesterday. I tell him how I feel, the conflict here and there. He's really comforting. At times when I talk to him, duk tahan air mata je. Thank God it settled on the day itself.

Bunga pahar da tunjuk kat Umi and she agreed. Hm..what else, our OP charge mcm mahal, at least thats what I think, and I think I try to check the photographer at Kompleks Teruntum plak. The pictures display at the kedai seems ok for me. Nnt nk tnyer. Kne g decide lg. Aish..

Plan nk g tgk kedai photography tu tp rse malas. Nk kne bg excuse ke. Nnt mesti kne marah ngn Mr. Fiancee. Suke tangguh2. Da la smalam da tau nk tgk, xamek no phone. Mmg kne marah ni. Aish..upset ngn diri sndri. Ok. Force myself pegi kedai tu. Till later!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 July 2010

I found my perfume!!

Hari ni nak g beli with Mr. Fiancee and at the same time maybe search for his as well. Fuh, hilang satu hassle nk cari barang hantaran. I guess for us, to find the items for our hantaran is such difficulties. Last time we went to find his belt and wallet tp tak jmpe jugak yg berkenan, kan dear? Maybe we both are too picky. Hey, susah tau nk cari things that you really like in hope you'll use it and love it. Furthermore when you buy it for your love one.

Umi da agree for lollipop! Yeay! We'll have a visit to the warehouse next week. Pastu plan nk g Singapore kne discuss later sbb dear pon xbuat passport lg.

To be done this week since Im home are:
- meeting Amy to discuss about pelamin, when to start fitting our outfit, discuss about making a new baju nikah (which I hope Umi would stick to my choice or Amy can do it the same as what I want). Oh..and discuss about changing my so called baju potong kek which I really dont want to wear that and change it with another outfit for his side. Amek kaler2 la bak kate Umi ;) (maybe kne bring my laptop to show her kind of pelamin that I want)

- discuss deco hantaran ngn Mak Ndak sbb nk g Nilai after wedding Linda to look for adult doorgift and if necessary, I would buy stuff for deco hantaran.

Btwy, Umie da look for surah Yaasin to be given during nikah and I just found out the VIP doorgift will be given during nikah as well, which means during reception ade adult doorgift and kids candies je. Herm..camne tuh? Tgk la camne. I kinda agree jugak that idea but cam pelik plak xde VIP gift during reception. Maybe if ade lbeh bru bg to yg btul2 VIP kot.

What else ek, video tu, after discuss with Umi, it makes me think twice la pulak nk amek. So as for now we stick to only photographer which our friend (Romeo) will be our OP and the story book will be done by both of us ;)

Eh, update terpenting rumah sewa da jumpe!! Thanks to Mr. Fiancee for finding it (hugs)


Thank you so much Tuhan ^__^

It's one year!

Future bride nk jugak wish :P

We had a very good anniversary celebration last night. Mr Fiancee surprised me with the colorful of lights and flower. Eh, ade lollipop okay! Cute ><

Sep bek pakai baju kurung, else mmg da lompat the moment kluar krete :P

Despite several (ehem. tak sebut bnyk :P) series of unfortunate events, we manage to go through the nights till end. Nk tdo pon teringat2 lg. We went to I-City, enough said. The name tells it all. I've been planning to go here but tak pernah tersebut to him. Well, maybe once when the first time I know about this place, but thats it. The place is so amazing. With only simple idea, it can make a such a big impression.

We walk every corner of the city with my unofficial tour guide aka butler sbb ini perempuan jadi princess okay mlm td, provided the constraint - ceh. xde full authorization neh. Btwy Mr. Fiancee, if only Im wearing pants, I would walk inside my castle and pretend bwk sleigh tu okay~

Ouh..thank you so much love for a wonderful day ^__^

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Year

It's passed one year and counting! ^____^