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Thursday, April 28, 2011


This is a post without using a laptop which kinda sucks cause the limitation mobile web has. It's annoying for me but I dont have any choice since I am laptop-less. I normally used my office laptop but I already return it since I already leave the company. I dont think I'll get my own laptop in the new company due to their well known security.

Hubby on the hand, didnt bring his laptop. He's using his office as well. So that explains thay actually both of us dont have laptop. The good news is Ma and Abah is giving away one of their computers to us. Yeay!!

Oh, we are going to have barbecue tomorrow at Along's. Gonna spent the weekand with his family and I, gonna make fruit cocktails ;) Wish me luck!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sup Gegar

I am not sure how famous this kedai is but both of us are quite frequent customer here - especially Hubby and his friends during his bachelor time. They have Sup Gear Box in any size that you want but normally if you dont mention it, they just give whatever they have that time.

 Gegar Gegar

It is located next to Giant Seri Kembangan and you can see this board from the traffic light (if you are coming from Puncak Jalil)

Sup gegar
I can't remember for this price last time. But last night we ordered again and I take different pictures. Hubby ordered Tembikai Laici Jumbo, plain rice and Sup Gegar. This one cost RM17.

They have they own specialities such Nasi Goreng Gulung Gegar, Bihun Gulung Gegar, Mee Gegar. Mind you that anything with Gulung Gegar and Gegar is different.

This is Kue Tiaw Gulung Gegar

This is kuew tiaw gegar. See no eggs and keropok but paprik!

I love their gegar cause I am such pemakan lauk yg banyak and nk mkn kropok with nasi/mee. Haha. So everything inside here is complete my meal. All in one price.

But I am not sure what is this but I assume they made it wrong :P

Kue tiaw gulung, paprik, keropok and udang tepung in 1 plate

It's nyummayh but please do not order their sambal belacan. That's the only thing that I dont like it here. Haha.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pince Court Medical Centre

I have yet to review on this so high class hospital. To be honest, it's not high class though. Even my collegue said that Tropicana Medical Centre is better than this. The only this they have the class is the interior design and keep-changing-daily-formal-attire attendant.

The first time I've been here is visiting my friend who is delivering her baby at level 6. The room was simple and nothing special except you have your own room and toilet. Nothing fancy there - oh maybe if you considered KLCC view from your bed is interesting ;)

We went to Delivery Suites

The second time was my appointment on abnormal bleeding which the doctor from Twin Tower Medical Center ask us to refer the Gynea specialist here.

Bamboo deco inside the building

Waiting area in front of pharmacy

..and there goes my next and next appointment till the surgery. Any other private hospital have their own specialist doctor which made them private hospital and same here in PCMC. You can request any doctor you want and you can get the result faster than general hospital.

Women and Children clinic at Level 6

Waiting area in front of the reception desk (from above picture)

They have dedicated room for waiting where they provide TV and water. All my appointment is here except the daycare which is at Level 2. This level is also where they have the operation theater and all those surgical equipment - well, at least I know I did mine here. Hehe.

Cover your feet :)

Change cloths and ready to go!
They provide meals after surgery and it is just a light meal. Mine is just a tuna sandwich and hot milo. 


The food

Overall was pleasurable experience for me. The staff being helpful and also the doctor is the kind that you really want to keep. The nurse send and even wait for you when you went to the toilet. They keep on observing you while you are resting on your bed. I really thank Hubby insurance for this. Haha.

..of being sick (2)

Umi advised to get Jeli Gamat and Hubby tried to look at Guardian and Watsons but none are sold there. So we went out last night to Giant Seri Kembangan and notice there's kiosk selling those jamu, beauty product and what not. We suspected they must have Jeli Gamat and they are!

Luxor Jeli Gamat

Not sure how true this product works but for the sake of easing Umie's worry-ness, so beli jelah. Hubby googled the price and it's RM54 which is truelah price tag tu but we bought it for RM50. I think we can get even cheaper but tak study the real price of gamat so thats the best we can get.

..of being sick (1)

I cooked porridge for myself but look - so not appetizing - at all! Makanan orang sakit mne nk sedap yer tak? :P

Anchovies porridge

I just told my family regarding the minor operation after I get discharged on that day. At first I want to keep it to ourselves about this whole sick thing but realizing how important that everyone should have the awareness, I changed my mind. As expected, everyone are shocked and my family are at my home the next day. I've been blessed with loving people around me :)

My sisters such a neat person and so rajin! Acik is good in doing house chores such cleaning the house and Angah with her delicious cooking! They both help me with my chores and mann....I'm in heaven! Haha.


Sambal petai yaw!

Umie cooked sup Ikan Bawal and Ikan Kunyit Bakar for me. Konon pantanglah tu tp sambal petai bedal je. Haha. Actually Ayah and Umi went to Gopeng to pick up Acik since she finished her matrix. Oh..Angah tag along to be his co-pilot ;) They stayed over my house for a night and went back the next day.

Umi siap ajak balik Kuantan tuh. I am spoiled! :P

Thursday, April 21, 2011


It has been scheduled right after we are back from Redang. Remember I told you that there are two pills need to be inserted in my vagina? Yea..the process getting in not hurt but after one hour, I wake up with bad stomached. I mean really bad. I thought I want to poo-poo but the pain wasnt go away, even after I went to the toilet.

Then I am thinking of having food poisoning but God, it was really bad till I makes Hubby awake to send me to clinic but right before I am ready to go, the pain gets slow down but it is still there. Feeling a bit better, I lie down and just wait for tomorrow, suspecting it maybe because of the pills. Wake up the next morning realizing that I bleed again.

It was a rough morning for me before the surgery. Checked in for Day Care and ready for it. Nurse asking either I have the bleeding and stomache. She said it is because of the pills. Hubby looks at me with the face 'Oh..patutlah' but the doctor dont tell us that it's gonna be hurt.

Check in here at second floor

I'm in the OT (operation theater) room at 8.40 AM and Dr. Tan was there asking how am I doing. Of course I told her the pain and everything but she said 'It's ok' with her calm face. So soothing to hear that from her. There's another doctor for anesthetic. I think her name was Dr. Anu. She's the one who makes me unconscious through the session.

Wake up with the feeling of dizziness and terrible pain under my stomach. I feel like peeing and I called for nurse. She asked whether I can walk to the toilet and I said yes. I tried to get up but I cant even lift up my head. So she gives me the urine container but unfortunately I dont even pee. It was terrible moment - with the headached, the pain, all of it makes me swear that this procedure better be worth it.

 Wake up realize this thing wired up to me

To give me energy

Cucuk sane sini

The needle was quite big and painful when the nurse tried to take it off

Later on, the nurse showed me a bottle of blood and some of it's clots. She said that it been taken out from my uterus and will be send for lab test. I thought it was just a piece of my tissue to check whats wrong with my menstrual but it's so wrong when Dr. Tan came and explain that it was my polyps. It has been there for quite a long time. That moment I felt relief for taking the surgery.

I asked her what cause the polyps and she cant give any reason or even a guarantee if it wont come back. Things for sure that it may cause problems when I want to get pregnant. I've been given four days MC to take rest. The pain under my belly is still there and I even bleed with small amount of blood.

Both Hubby and I are so grateful to go on with the procedure. Thinking of the Paps Smear turns out negative and even the scan also didnt indicate anything major. Dr. Tan was right that the only thing could confirm there's no problem is go through hysteroscopy.

She said, my period should get normal and I shouldn't have the bleeding between my menstrual again after the polyps been taken out. She advice for another appointment next week to see the result and we have to hold our journey to conceive a baby in two month to see the progress.

I realize that anything is abnormal even though you are not sick, means that something is wrong somewhere and you should consult to a specific doctor. I am thankful for having Hubby that are cared me so much than myself. I dont think I even consult to a specialist if Im not even married to him.

Dear B, thank you so much for all you have to put up with me. I love you tons! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We are passing through Bandar Kuala Terengganu and suddenly Hubby showed me that there's this place selling a lot of kuih that he himself lost count of it. I said he's lying so to show that he's not, we stop at the kedai and show me the place.

Well, to my surprise he's not exaggerating!

They sells some of mee as well

Bread, cakes, tauhu, tarts

Kuih Melaka, agar-agar

Sandwiches, roti jala kuah kari, kuah kelabu?

It's located in front of Hospital Kuala Terengganu and next to traffic light at the junction. You have to look it carefully cause I dont see the name of this kedai. It's a place where you want to find your evening meal. 

Hubby gets himself mini murtabak and kuih cara while myself with Temosa and I-dont-know-what's-the-name :P

Hasil tangkapan :P

Temosa: Looks like karipap but inti ikan ngn kelapa. My all time favourite!

I-dont-know-what's-the-name but this one also my favorite. Haha

These two kuih I ate since my childhood and been my favourite. Ayah always buys me temosa whenever I am home but that kuih I-dont-know-what's-the-name hardly to find. Even temosa pun tak jual kat KL tau. Pantai Timur je ade kuih ni.

I love East Coast cause we have beautiful beaches and many food that none of it sold anywhere. Ha..sape kate Penang bnyk food. Hey, datang Pantai Timur la kalau nak kenal the unknown food! Haha.

Redang Kalong - Day 3

Since we both have a really good rest the night before, we went out to see the sunrise (even it is at the back of the hill).

Before sunrise

Syuruk dah ni :P

Sun finally comes out :)

It was raining last night and we both dont even realize it. Such a really good rest, I tell you :P I took a video of it but keep on having Hubby's voice. He's a talker by the way :P

We went for breakfast with my baju kelawar and Hubby with his kain pelikat. Let us show how Malay really is to those foreigners. Haha. So much wording the last two post. This time let the pictures do the talking.

Kue tiaw was ok. Eggs was there as always and I think I had two or three that morning :P

I love their butter and peanut butter. Been trying to figure what brand but don't know what it is. Taste sangat best! We even have it before we depart off the island. Haha.

I told you on second day review that they have entertainment space but here some of the pictures what are the rest that they have. They have international school trip during our second day. It is a good place for a group as well though.

Indoor game space

Choose any game you want :)

Board games such as carom pon ade :)

Such a great vacation for both of us and I am really happy for introducing Hubby to Redang. He had a very bad experience with Bali sea last time. Redang Kalong rated 3rd rank across to other resort and I must say that they have very friendly staff and good food. I love Redang Kalong resort but not their beach cause that the only thing that Redang Holiday can win. Redang Holiday's shores is clean from dead coral and it's just sand under the sea. There's also not much thing you can explore at Redang Kalong cause we walk quite far from the resort but nothing interesting within 500m walking. 

Since Redang Holiday is the neighbour of Laguna Redang, therefore, you can walk to the resort and see blue sands. Sounds cool right. I wish our next trip to Redang we will stay at Laguna. The top resort at Redang but of course saved some $ first. Haha. Redang Island itself is indeed beautiful thing. The resort doesn't matter anymore when you could have such crystal clear water and white sands.

We checked out from the island around 12noon.

Bye Redang. Definitely will come back again :)

We arrived at jetty and bought myself a pants and skirt. It a tough one to get the skirt cause I simply said to hubby 'I buy it if its RM15' turns out it is RM30. I bargain with the makcik and said 'Husband tak bagi klu RM25' while looking at Hubby with sad face. As always, Hubby buat tak tau because I already make a deal ealiear. The kind makcik tried to pujuk Hubby but of course we walk away. 

Some of the small shop

As usual, I am being melodramatic that I'll be devastated for not getting the skirt. Haha. So we pass through another kedai and saw the same skirt but this time I get it for RM22. Hubby redha je and I get my beautiful, comfy cheap skirt! Haha. Oh.. have some fridge magnet as well as souvenir :)

Redang Kalong - Day 2

They served breakfast as early at 7AM. I read some review from Redang Kalong saying that they knock on your door and even shout to make some noise for every meal that have. Kinda irritating right? But it's not happening to us. The staff already told us that they wouldnt knock our door for breakfast but only for lunch and dinner. They didn't shout or even make noise for you to realize it's makan time but just a cute 'ting2' to inform meal is ready which I guarantee you woulndt even hear it in your room tp klu you are close to cafe mmg dengar la.

Hubby's breakfast


I tell you, the roti is not cheap roti tau. I think they use high 5. Not the cikai roti mcm Redang Holiday. Haha.

We later have our next snorkeling without noisy Iranian. Haha. Hey, they're just noise but sangat polite to women and even respect other people. They let me have my turns when we queued for meal, to take drinks. They even wake up early for breakfast but I think because they are Muslim - lps Subuh trus breakfast kn.

This time, we went to the famous Marine Park. We went in a small group (I think less than 10people) and arrive the earliest of other resorts.

Taman Laut

Our tour guy throws a bread and look at that!

Marine Park it is :)

From our branch

Our branch for resting

People starts to fill in the place

They have boundaries on how far you can swim. We followed one of the group from other resort and found there's a huge eel in on of the big coral. Our beach bummer told us that they have a huge grouper and even the Chinese couple saw it but we are not that lucky to see it. I think I would scared as hell if I saw one. Haha.

We had a fun time surrounding by those colorful fishes and I am glad Hubby had a great time here :) We always be the last person to get off the shores. Selalu kene panggil. Memang kaki air ktorg ni. Hehe.

Lps snorkel, haruslah makan time kan. 

 They always have fried fish and I like it!!

We have our last snorkel session that evening and I told Hubby, penat la, xnak terjun la but I lied (as always :P) I cant resist myself when it comes to sea :P Hubby bring his SLR this time and I left my phone. Hubby also said he just want to take pictures but we both wearing our wetsuit just in case the place is better than Marine Park.

But hey, I did jump from the boat this time! and even swim without my life jacket. Yeay! It was the best snorkel ever cause I saw huge shark! Hubby didnt see it but I totally get scared and almost scream (but of course I have snorkel in my mouth) I called for Hubby but he's a bit far before I could reach him to see that shark. By the time he turn the shark already gone. Scary time for me though :P

Went back for tea time and spent time on our last evening.

Last tea time

We watch Star Trek for the whole evening and myself take a peak here and there at the resort. I notice there's ping pong table and have my first time play it with Hubby.

Ping Pong

View from Cafe 1: Some room at the back of the cafe but close to entertainment place

View from Cafe 2: Some room

View from Cafe 3: This is where you collect and return your snorkel

They have Astro with channel movie and E! ok!

Tempat barbeque and drinks

Food place

 Ade mahjong room yaw!

Gloomy sket cause I didnt turn on the lights

We have a lot of time that evening, so we spent our time at the deck and take some pictures.

At the deck

Diving equipment

Final night is barbeque dinner. We kinda stuff our stomach but honestly we both cant take it. They served spaghetti as well but too full for even try it. The lamb was nice. Others just so-so.

 Salads and squids

They have fish as well that night

Akibat terlalu kenyang maka kami tidur awal lg. Haha. Hubby is not feeling well that night. He started to have fever and we both take rest for tomorrow plak. We plan to leave early (8.30 AM boat) but the staff knocking our door after dinner saying that they have to cancel it cause no one would come that morning. They have at noon so we can check out at 11AM the next day. 

Kinda ruine our plan to go to Taman Tamadun Islam and visit Masjid Crystal but it's ok lah.