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Monday, August 29, 2011

Amazing Race - Singapore (Final)

I swear this is the last post about Singapore :P

The last two area is Far Far Away and Madagascar. We enjoyed these two area as much as a child would be. They provide such entertainment from 4D movies and musical show. At Far Far Away land, we have entered a huge castle consisting Shrek 4D movie, a continuity story after Lord Farquaad died, become a ghost and (again) kidnapping Princess Fiona. This is our first time watching 4D and they have such effects from bumping ride on a horse (the seats shaking) to Donkey's sneezing (a sprinkler sprayed to our face when he sneeze, much like die punye hingus kne muka. gross pulak to think back. Haha)


Inside the castle

Cermin mata harus adaa

It was 15-20minutes short movie and we both enjoyed the show. Later we come out from the cinema and the pathway lead us to their souvenir shop. They have a miniature of ferris wheel ride called Magic Portion Spin but it seems like it really meant for kids (even I saw some adults sitting inside). Cute though.

Inside the shop where you can see at the back, the Magic Portion Spin

Soft toy was too expensive for me but too cute to resist taking pictures with them

Signboard 'Potion Shop'

Next we met Donkey for his Live show, macam comedy talk. While waiting for it to starts we was wondering how does it looks like, is it a man wearing Donkey's suits? or just another short movie? but it all wrong when we saw the cartoon it self making an interactive live show using Digital Puppetry. Go google for the meaning. Haha. 

The waiting room

We dont have any pictures while watching him on the stage (or should I say screen) as 'No camera allowed' but the have a lady helping him for the interaction where she choose audience (most of the chosen one was kids). I remember one scene where he asked one of the adult audience who is Singaporean weather is it true that the law of the country didn't allow people spitting and the person said yes. Later he asked 'and why does your Merlion is allowed to spit all day long?' Haha. Speechless kejap orang tu. 

Some of the small fountain

You may kiss all the frog and they will turn into a prince :P

Cinderella carriage, next to Junior roller coaster (meant for kids)

They suppose to have the special character at Far Far Away area which is Shrek but we couldnt find him anywhere near there. Probably we missed him while watching Shrek.

Shrek's house

His toilet? Maybe?

Then, comes to the last place which is Madagascar. Ha..tak yah amek ticket flight meredah Indian Ocean. (FYI Madagascar is a island country located somewhere in Africa). At this time we are rushing for solat as it almost 7pm. So macam browse through the area je. Eh tapi sempat jugak layan water boat ride. Hehe.

 Tangan aku je ade.

Tak nampak dalam boat tp dalam boat ni tau

Comel je boat ride ni

Alex ;)

Takmo beli tp nk amek gambar. Haha

Madagascar area ni memang purposely built for the cartoon. All the area is about the movie. The bench, the roof, the road, sume macam dalam cartoon tu. 

Anda ingat ade scene ini dalam katun tu?

Mentang2 gloria gemok. Makan je, gloria.


Pastukan kitaorg nampak character movie ni tau tapi tak sempat nk kejar. Amek gambar pon xleh. Down btul. In a meanwhile, we are looking a place to solat. Puas cari tempat2 tersorok tapi last tanyer dekat Customer Service and alhamdulillah they actually prepare a room for Muslims.

The guest service where we perfom our solat

They even provide Sejadah and telekung tau.

Actually they dont recognize the place as Surau in the visitors guide but you can always ask them if you need to. Dah solat, baru rse sronok sikit. Sempat maghrib terus and catch the character. Yeay! 




Raja yang gile

Actually, all these Madagascar characters have limited of time for pictures session. They only gives us 10 minutes and everyone have to queue for every character they want to take photo with. I am not sure why but probably the suit is too hot for the person inside.

Amek gambar time malam plak

Did I mention that our ticket flight is 2155 but we are still at USS at 2000. Ha..rase2 menggelupur tak? Tp dalam pada nk cepat tu, sempat lagi singgah beli popcorn gergasi ni. Katanya pemes sangat tp sumpah sedap gile!! Tak rugi beli. Konon nk share la kan, last2 habes kat ktorg je makan kat rumah :P Tak cukup rupernyer.

Garret yang best

Kerel, kedai ni kat luar USS yer, bukan kat dalam.

Sebungkus je

Within an hour we have to catch our flight. Lari-lari tapi unfortunately tak sempat jugak nk catch check-in time. Captain tak bagi masuk dah, unlike the time when we are about to depart from KL. Mase kat KL ari tu even we are late for check-in time, the Captain still allow us to get the ticket tapi kat SG ni tak dapat plak. 

Makanya, cari lah tiket lain. Sep bek Air Asia ade lg. Ranap duit Euro ngn USD gua because we dont have cash on our hand plus no ATM machine have Meps. Banyak luck sbenarnya malam tu despite missed the plane - I could left my Euro and USD money as we both dont have enough cash or Air Asia could have close the check-in counter and we both have to spend the night in the airport to take bus back to KL. 

It was indeed an Amazing Race as we both running here and there for that two days. Trying to grab all the opportunity of visiting another country and at the same time juggling our planning here and there was indeed a tiring but spending the experience with the love of my life making the whole trip spectacular :) 

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Not that I never bake or I dont know how to but the big LAZY is always inside me. But this raya is different. I am so excited to bake but I dont know what cookies or kuih that I would do. Maybe excited to sebab nk showing off kat Hubby isteri die ni pandai jugak (tapi malas). Google2 here and there found oat cookies. Makanya saya pon terailah.

Bahan tak susah. Oat, gula, badam, mentega ngn telur je tapi maakk aihhh....takde whisk nyer. Apetah lagi mixer. Tapi sebab nk bersungguh jugak nk buat pukul gune manual je lah.

Gigih pukul..adeh la..

Tahap kesabaran masih ada dan tak menipis lg. Pukul sampai sebati (sep bek resepi xsuruh sampai kembang) then buat acuan. Ha...time ni yang mencabar keimanan ni. Nk buat satu-satu tu..ya Allahh..tuhan je tau betapa tak berapa gigih nyer.

First trial. Sikit dulu sebab testing ketebalan cookies, heat and time for it to baked.

First batch baru 12 biji tapi da ngeluh dah. Nk tunggu masak tu satu hal. It doesn't take long till it reminds me why I didnt baked for 25 years of living - I am impatient. Perghh..blessed lah to orang yang suke buat kuih. Tabik sama lu. 

Oh..while writing, I still have another batch going to the oven tp rilek dulu. Haha.

ps: Oven courtesy to wedding gift yang baru bukak ;)

Friday, August 26, 2011


Alhamdulillah, we manage to catch my colleagues from my previous company and this time we breakfast at Senah's house. She is so sweet that she willingly (well, actually all of us make her) making the meal for us that day.

We bring Angah together and we arrived just in time for berbuka. As soon as I walk into the dining room, I saw plenty of food with satay and donuts. Gosh..she must be crazy cooking today. But not! Haha. Satay is the courtesy from Jaja and donuts from Lilin. Mek Tur and Kak Zarin bring empty stomach - good enough :P Ah..ktorg? Ktorg bwk betik and coke tau! Hahaha.So there's almost ten of us, including Hubby, Angah, Senah's Hubby, Lilin's driver and Jaja's nephew.

Let see which one is hers - tomyam, daging merah (yang tinggal pinggan sahaja) and sambal tempe

Ohh...its soooo nyummayh!!! Senah is again willingly (honest, this time she is willingly) to have an open house during Raya which is after October. Wait. That's not Raya open house. October da bukan Syawal. Hehe.

Trifle Oren nyum nyum!

So while eating the meal, Lilin asked me 'So Ain bile due?'. Surprised question from her after long time no see. Normally I have 'So Ain, pregnant ke?' or 'Ain bile lg?' but Lilin cuts all the question by asking when is my due date. Acting calmly as I assume she is joking for my 'slim figure' I said 'Tahun depan'

Then everyone is quite.

Senah stop eating.

Jaja's mouth dropped.

Kak Zarin eyes wide open and only one voice coming out 'HAH?! Ko pregnant???'

The voice is none other from loud Mek Tur.

She smack on my arm and as shocking as they are, I said 'Ehh..takkk..takkkk'

Everyone gives 'Aishhhhh....' and Lilin's turns blur.

..and now everyone is talking.

Senah thoughts after I answer Lilin's question, she's thinking I am pregnant and I dont want to tell her cause  I am afraid of making her sad.

Jaja on the other hand saying in her head 'Uih..pregnant tak bgtau. Ke aku je yg xtau'

Kak Zarin goes 'sampai hati tak bgtau ktorg'

Only Mek Tur blurt it out what pops to her mind. Haha. So many speculations for a few seconds.

..and everyone blame Lilin asking the question. Well to her defense, she heard from someone else that I am pregnant. Yeahh...right Lilin.

Haha..ohh..I love them all ^__^

Sending cards to our friends who studying abroad

ps: Aku aminkan ajaaa..

Baked Salmon

We bought salmons the other day at Giant and I spent the whole day in the office searching for the recipe. Especially on the creamy gravy. There are so many style of making the gravy or even cook the salmons. I find it is hard to find one and what I'll do is google-ing the pictures. The nyummy it looks likes, the more convincing the recipe would be. Haha. Well, I manage to found one!

Settle on the salmon and gravy. Then thinking of having the vege. I once steamed the brocoli and it didn't turn like the one that been served in Chillies/Kenny's. My brocoli turns yellow and it taste like a rotten vege. Urgh..yucks! Searching again for the right way of making it crunchy yet cooked vege and I found the trick! I have to boiled first for only one or two minutes, put salt and quickly put into a cold ice water. 

You can found the recipe for Salmon and it's gravy here and tips to the brocoli here.

Pepper, Garlic, Parsley and Salt

Senang je sbenarnyer nk buat menu ni rupernyer. Salmon tu just taruk sme barang di atas, wrap dalam aluminum foil then bake in the oven. Next is the gravy, milk, whip cream, wheat flour, salt, parsley, chili flakes and pepper. The recipe that I refer to instruct to use garlic powder but I dont have any so I just add chopped garlic inside. Cooked in medium heat till it turns a bit thick.

Salmon before

..and after

Gravy in the making

Actually this meal is for buka puasa so Salmon and gravy seems not enough. So I fried some fries and boiled some vege. Rase2 macam sikit tapi bile da makan, ha..baru tau kenyang ke tak ;)

Meal for three is ready!

Curah itu gravy

Angah had her black pepper sauce she made before this and we kinda have two gravy that day. Lemon is a must and I found the taste more rich and refreshing after squeeze the juice out to the salmon and vege. Lepas ni da tak payah g makan luar la kalau nk makan Salmon kan. Haha.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hubby aku suke buat kejutan (kononnyerlah) Last time it was during my training days on Saturday. He texted and saying going to Subang to collect my gift. Someone called him and saying that there's a courier for me. Haih..sape plak secret admire nk post2 hadiah kat aku neh. Puas meneka tapi tak tau. He even mention 'Besar ni dear. Boleh tahan gak berat ni' Uih..lagi la eksited.

Sampai2 rumah tengok alamat kat courier tu - Muhammad Hafiz. Sabar jelah tau. Sengih je laki aku pastu cakap 'Advance birthday prezzie' Lalu menjeling lah aku dengan pandangan tajam. Fishy. Hamenda la ni. Bukak the packaging and saw two word...Macbook Air. Awww.....tersenyum tersipu2 kejap. My wishlist come true! Hug. Hug. Lompat. Lompat. Girang. Hehe.

Wheheeee..thank you, Love :D

Then today, he had another courier when he fetch me from work. As always the answer is 'Hadiah sayang la' Umphh...

Sokmo2 pun hadiah sayang.

Taklah. Satu abang. Satu sayang.

Game lah tu.

Yelah. Game for me. Sayang punyer ni kalau sayang tengok mesti sayang suke.

Kalau tak suke camne?

Mesti suke punyer.

Kenyang tak hadiah ni?

Tak. Lapar lagi ade.

Umph..tak best.

Balik2 rumah, da la kalut nk masak untuk berbuka. Die plak kalut suh kiter bukak packaging tu. Belek2 address kali ni and saw from CIMB. Hmm..tak leh teka. Makanya buka trus tanpa alasan. Then nampak menda yang paling dinantikan.

Body Fat Scale!

Hubby claims his CIMB credit card points and browsing through the points brochure. So we decided to claim his 30 thousands points to this. They have few other choices but thinking of buying this thing that cost hundreds at the time when both of dont really cares about the fat scale (we already have our weight scale), consider not an option. So having this bonus points was really a prize to give a way. Hehe.

Ha..skali ngn bateri bagi

Some info from the box

Hey, dont give us that look. Ok fine! Both of us weight ourselves of course and boy, we are messing with the wrong machine. Apparently my visceral fat is higher that Hubby. Dont make me start on the rest but of course I weight less than him. Haha. I suddenly hate this scale cause it shows all the calories, fat and what ever they have it inside. I started to feel I'm in the Herbalife time again. Bah. Takpe2. Pasni makan oat tiap2 hari. I'll beat you one day my dear!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Post Hysteroscopy

Remember this post? I haven't update the post-morterm did I?

Alhamdulillah. My period is normal. Normal as in no long period and no more tails of blood after the menstrual. My cycle is now less than 10 days. Normally 7 days for the past months after the hysteroscopy and alhamdulillah this year Ramadhan I only left my fasting for 7 days.

Never in my 25 years of life I have this short cycle in consistent and right now I can predict my period quite accurate. My gynae said that having a polyps is normal and even after you take them out, it doesn't mean it wont come back. Most cases it will but that would take years, 5 - 6 years if Im not mistaken.

Umie always asked whether I have the pain down there, afraid of the consequences after the small operation but alhamdulillah, I have nothing that in major. Well, I did have the pain several weeks after the hysteroscopy but no more afterwards.

I asked my sisters and friends to have a check-up or at least do something to ensure that any indisposition doesn't do any more damage to your health. Even this looks like a small thing but honestly, you wont feel this would be the case till you are married and trying to conceive. There's nothing wrong of being aware of what's happening to your body but it would makes your life more meaningful and healthy of having such confidence that you are really am healthy :)

Monday, August 15, 2011


It's already 15th Ramadhan and comes to the second half of the holy month. Lets not starts talking about Raya preparation shall we? (Just because we dont prepare anything yet - or cuti raya counted as the raya prep as well? :P) Alhamdulillah, we manage to always berbuka at home and God gives me the strength to cook even after work. Oh..rse super wife jap. Working 12 hours, cleaning and cooking (padahal Angah ade tolong. Thehehe) Penat tapi hati manyak senang. Food guarantee clean and confirm takde food poisoning. We only berbuka outside home for meeting friends and family.

Nando's with girlfriends

Siakap Stim yang pedas kat Cili Terbang (Flying Chillies)

Coconut ni masyuk and fresh woo.Also di Cili Terbang.

Oh..dengan siblings, Uda and Acik together with SIL, Kak Jah

I was browsing through my friends blog and comes this delicious picture of Siakap Tiga Rasa. Straight away prompt this hot mom asking for her recipe. All these while balik kerja masak mane yg simple je. Setengah jam siap! Tapi hari ni chef solo kat dapur. Another chef ngantuk. Haha. Dengan cili boh tak de, nk kne blend, ikan tak cuci ngn asam jawa lg, da la ikan keras plak tu. Lauk Tiga Rasa ni da la banyak bahan. Sep bek men cincang2 je. Rse mcm tukang masak kat kedai makan je. Kabut kejar masa. Hehe.

Menjadi tau! Just takde siakap, nenas dengan brokoli je. Hehe. Thank you Mak Yam! Eh..kalau takde siakap tak name Siakap Tiga Rasa la hari ni. Ade ikan bawal je. Makanya jadilah Bawal Tiga Rasa. Resepi Magh proper ade sukatan tapi chef tak bertauliah ni degil, men taruk2 campak2 je. Tengok ape bahan, agak2 je, tuang2 suke hati. Dah la puasa. Sep bek rase sedap.

Tak yah bazir pinggan. Taruk semua skali

Err..yang ni tak muat. Hehe.

Bawalku tenggelam :P

Ade tiga rasa, kene ade kailan ikan masin. 

Hubby bagi dua thumbs up. Ngeh2. Pueh ati. Sorry la yer yang. Banyak sayur this time. Suploh kali aku tanyer 'Sedap tak hari ni?' Padahal da tau jawapan ape. Sje nk kembang lame2 sket. Haha.

Eh..tipu plak cakap selain masak kat umah, ktorg makan ngn friends and family. Ade dua Sunday yang Umie send food from home. Mashukkkkk! First Sunday was Nasi Kerabu (nommm..nomm....) pastu yesterday was Nasi Tomato. Wahh..mase berbuka macam makan pagi raye lak. Hehe. 

Melengkapkan acara pesta Nasi Kerabu dengan budu, telur masin dan keropok 
(abaikan remote, bantal dan enpon itu)

Nasi Tomato untuk dua orang sebab sorang lagi boring asek berbuka ngn muka ktorg je :P
Lihat itu kari tak taruk dlm mangkuk dah. Ini adalah standard penjimatan air :P

Ahad ni nampak gaye takde dah 'Food from home, with love' sebab Angah dengan Acik tak balik Kuantan. Lagipun next week nak balik raya dah. Ada harapan la bleh masak extravaganza. Eh..ke tak? sebab nk buat kuih raya plak. Haha. Naseblah..tapi selalunyer masak jugaklah walaupun mee/nasik goreng ;P