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Monday, December 20, 2010

Emosi sebentar

To be honestkan, after what happen with my wedding photo, I couldnt help myself from being sad looking at others pictures wedding. It reminds me I wont have my own album, my big wedding photo frame and outdoor pictures.

It's not like I dont happy enough with what I have today (infact I feel blessed with such lovely husband), but to think back again, those pose and memories that my OP capture on my precious day wouldnt be printed out or at least saved in some hardware, makes me feel devastated.

Just so you know, I dont have OP on my engagement. Things happen on the very last minute where OP have to call it off. Jadi bile wedding saya, saya nk photo saya perfect. Ade album and everything. But things doesnt go with the plan.

Saya tahu saya boleh collect all the pictures taken by family and friends but saya give up. I'm not the kind that loves to do the hard work in terms on these things you know. Thats the point of having OP in the first place! Saya bukan tahap marah tapi sedih. Writing this down already buat saya sebak.

I keep on telling myself 'I have to get rid of this feeling' but I just cant at the moment. Hampir emosi sebentar when attended wedding last Saturday. Try not hide from hubby but I know he notice the sad face. Sorry dear.

Tapi saya memang sedih lah dengan what happen and I dont know how to get over it. Garr!

Shas dah bayar duit saya tp tolak rm250 sebab we demand the softcopy. Angah pegi kedai die just now tp tutup plak. Maybe esok. Hmm

Perihal Rumah

From this

To this

Thank you Hubby ^__^
Oh..saye kemas jugak tp we need that perabot to make it better. Hubby tukang pasang and saya make the evening meal as upah :P Then we kemas together.

OMG! Furniture does makes your home looks good, kn?

Kejayaan weekand kami!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shasmanizam The Photographer

Oh. Sedihnya saya mengenangkan nasib gambar kahwin ini.

Gambar reception n outdoor saye tak de. Hard disk OP crash while editing pictures. Bukan saya sorang jd mangsa, ade few couples lg. Hanya gambar nikah yang dapat diselamatkan.

Mulenya, sy text Shasmanizam tnyer bile boleh dpt sbb da 2 bulan xde update. Bile tnyer, die ckp kne buat full payment bru start printing. Baheklah, saye byr full payment right after text.
Then selang seminggu sy tnyer lg bile bleh dpt. Die ckp nnt die konpem ngn printing nyer kedai balik. Skali kater minggu depan.

Fine. Sye tnyer balik mngu berikutnyer, die ckp ade printing issue. Minggu depan contact balik.
Sabar. Mngu tu sy g Europe then mintak tlg hubby checkkan.
Once arrive, sy tnyer hubby tp die ckp solat dulu. Tenangkan hati bru abang cite.
Trus sy tahu. Berita tak bagus. Sy da membebel2 tp dlm hati harap hubby men2 je.

Lps solat sy tnyer dan die explain psl OP nyer issue tu. Hard disk crash. Maaf. Bukan kami je kene. Maaf. Refund 300rm and gambar nikah 1 album. Maaf.

Saye geram. Moments tu bukan boleh ulang balik.Saye contact Shasmanizam balik tnyer ape crita sbb awal kt da hantar printing. If betul dah hantar npe issue OP nyer hard disk crash while edit gambar?

Few days tanpa reply. Call xdapat.

Saya try and try. Bru dapat and die mention. My album ade tp ade masalah timbul bile OP hilangkn gambar sanding ngn outdoor. Shas hanya siapkan gambar nikah.Means that the complete set hanyalah gambar nikah. He told the date submission to OP but jd lambat sebab gambar hilang. OP try hantar laptop for recovery but lame jugak and at last gambar tetap hilang.That’s why kelam kabut.

Sedih. Saye tnye lg. Okay. What is the option you have? He said ‘Offer ganti rugi rm300 refund and outdoor session semula. Ataupun refund 400rm dan submit set album nikah’

Marah. Rm300/rm400 je nk refund? Not even 30% yang saye bayar!

Saye tak reti menyatakan ketidakpuasan hati secara bijak jadi hubby take part.

Pung Pang Pung Pang (sini lg bnyk ketidakpuasan hati berlaku) lah hubby dengan shasmanizam.

Untill the part kami nk report tribunal sebab issue ni, bru shasmanizam nk byr full refund. Hubby tak puas hati lagi. Full refund without pictures? First of all, TOTALLY NOT OUT FAULT! Second of all, he should have paid twice the price according to sell and buy law. Jd suami pung pang lagi. Maka dapatlah softcopy nikah kami itu.

Sehingga hari ini shasmanizam janji nk byr tp xde lg. Saye text lg pagi td and mention regretful how he keep on promising but tak pernah tepati. Bru die reply ckp die demam and confirm hari ni masukkan.

Saye masih baik utk wishkan die get well soon. Tp in note, dvd jgn lupe. Saya akan menyuruh Ayah menyerang kedai instead of die hantar rumah softcopy tu.

Lesson learnt:

1) I know shasmanizam is well establish sebab die dah bukak 2 branch. Satu di Kuantan dan Shah Alam. Tp when unfortunate things happen, he should handle it wisely. On top of that, awak dah tau mende tu softcopykan Mr.OP, kenape tak buat back up. In this case, sangatlah bodoh mengedit precious moment orang without having another back up.

2) Always get your receipt eventhough you just pay the deposit. Dont forget to check the clause inside. Sebab ini menjadi penyelamat for us to get our nikah softcopy. Dlm receipt tulis, full payment need to be paid before deliver. Means, bukan before printing. Shasmanizam dah trick saye disitu. Hubby argue on this sebab itu die nk bg softcopy nikah.

Takde nk burukkan reputasi tp B2B has take note on this. Remindlah OP anda utk buat back up. Tak pun anda sendiri bagi your external hard disk suruh die copy all pictures on ur hard disk. Jangan jadi seperti kisah saya T__T

Saye crita menda yang jadi dealing with Shasmanizam. Terpulang kepada B2B nk consider either take him as your official wedding photo provider. 

ps: Siapakah OP saya? Sheikh Hafez. Saya dah review kerja die dlm post sebelum ni. He's good tp bile menda mcm ni happen, sy still rse he did his job well except unfortunate things happen and it is because his lack of awareness.