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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Centre of attention

I cant believe I am using this picture for the second time in this blog =_=

Mark those slippers.

We went to the mall the other day and this little fella was wearing his shoes. Obviously because he cant really wear those slippers yet. He keep on putting in and out, playing as it is another toy. So we left the slippers at home, letting him walk and run whenever he like at the mall.

He was walking carefree and suddenly he stop and look aside. Something interest him, I think. He then walked towards a chair and I was 'Ohh no he is going to brush off someone again from the chair' but no.

He saw similar, the exact pair of his new slippers under the chair that is belong to a kid who is sitting at the bench. He run and grab the slippers as it was his with the mad looking face to the boy.

Oh no.

No. I said but he refuse to let it go so there goes a loud crying and me being apologetic to the kids and their parents. The family was just laughing and the kid looking clueless. You can imagine a boy who is crying out loud and the mother bow while the father carry him away for distractions. Yeap..that is our turn that night.

It took him a while to settle down. Soothing and distractions didnt work but ignoring does. So he probably cried out loud for a good 5minutes =_= There goes our first time being the centre of fame in the mall. The hashtag? #ignorantparent :P

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