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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Rauhah has been talking about ghost lately. I dissed her everytime she talked about it and I could see her frustration. I realized it was wrong and decided to (wo)man up.

She done it again today and it always when Husband is not around. Sheeshh..

Rauhah: Ibuuuu! Ade ghost gerak2 kerusi Awah.

Amboi main2 tolak2 kerusi. This is the ultimate ghost story she ever told me.

Me: Mane?

Rauhah: Tuuu... (while pointing into the room)

Me: Mane? Show Ibu.

I took her hand and we walk towards the chair.

Rauhah: Tuuu.. (pointing to the white canvas in front of the window. Husband was making the room as his photo/video room, complete with the white backdrop that covers the whole wall - to explain the white canvas) Ghost gerak2.

Guess what. It was just the curtains moving creating the shadow as if there was someone behind the canvas.

I explained it to her and showed what actually is. Told her there is no such ghost. She seems convinced but then I remember that she told that the ghost gerak her chair. Oh well. Nevermind, I told myself.

I then stayed with her in the room, decided to watch Criminal Minds. She is sitting next to me watching cartoons. She then again talking about the ghost shaking the table.

Me: Rauhah..it was you who shook your own chair. Langgar meja and it bounced back. Sebab tu meja gerak.

Rauhah: Ohhh..okay. Rauhah gerak sendiri.

She didnt realize that she was rocking the chair all these while and it hit the table. Haiyaa ini budak. 1 minute she was all shaken up looking scared and seconds later, all okay like nothing happens. Afterwards, no more ghost. Not once, till end of the day. Pheww..

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