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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Topshop Malaysia

I remember during Uni days, I’ve been eyeing to own this one bag that Topshop Malaysia have. I dont have the picture of it since it was long time ago but the bag was really my first shoulder bag. It's leather, big enough to toss my tutorial papers and the color was so earthy. It was green army.

So when I manage to have my own salary (those were intern days) I quickly went to buy it and luckily they have the last two piece. I wore it most of the time afterwards until it is worn off that I am so sayang to throw it away. I kept it and after years and having kids I dont find it's purpose.

It's time to hunt a new handbag but since I am away from physical store, I need to opt the easiest solution. Online lah! Haha.

I need a tote at least and some of the choices fits me. Tote or shopper bag just a need item for moms, especially. Easy to stuff all the diapers, baby wipes, extra kiddos clothes and what not but still be in style.

Love stitch details!

I always settle for safe colors but Topshop has some other tote bag that quite interesting to me. I never choose suede for bags but here are one of that matched to my style.

As I browse more, I stumble few items as well. Looking on those options, I might settle for some other tops too, just because the color reminds me of my old bag. Haha. Hashtag; women can never settle for one item.

I blame my friend who introduce this brand. I just cant help to just browse for more. I's therapeutic just to see all the designs lays on he screen calling my name. Drama mode on! Haha. Oh did I mention I bought purse as well after the first bag? hen after that few tops and jackets? Yea, it is really addictive ;)

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