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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hair cut

I stop going to hair salon for a hair cut since Rauhah was born. I do it on my own, just a straight cut whenever the long hair bothers me.

So I did it again few days back at night. I tought Rauhah already realize but I was wrong. It happened she only notice the difference the next day on the afternoon.

She said 'Wah..Ibu dah hair cut?!' while her eyes beaming. I thought my haircut was so neat that I finally can be a hairdresser.

'Yes. Since mlm td lg lah Rauhah. Cantik tak?'

Her replies 'Cantikkk..

... macam Dora!' with so much happiness on her face. Haha.. so much of perasan lah myself boleh jd hairdresser takat gunting mcm Dora.

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