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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Rauhah turned four

She kept talking about her 'birthday party' that we celebrated at our neighbour's house months ago. It is actually a farewell for us since we are moving out of town. Her friend were excited when they saw me brought cakes to the house and they thought it was for Rauhah, as in 'SURPRISE!' - I honestly dont understand but as long they are having a good time, then let it be lah kan.

Anyhow, Husband got infected with this celebration thing and wanted to give her a good birthday and a surprise. It was just us family and I asure you that this is like the ultimate birthday celebration for her even though just a simple deco and cake. She was so in high spirits and excitement all evening till the night.

I baked choc cake with M&N and choc spirinkles while Husband in charge of the deco. Both kids are having a great time today with all the preps and the celebrations.

Aqil bnyk clueless tapi enjoy je :P

We almost forgot the birthday present with all the balloons and eating the cake. Lama btul simpan and hide this from her tau. We bought her pool as a replacement the old one. Husband straight away let the kids play with it till dark. I, in a meantime preparing dinner, just bihun goreng and nuggets.

I thought we suppose to celebrate after maghrib but Husband kemain smangat smpai rumah after work terus ajak happy birthday. Haha. But it was good idea sbb the kids can main air sampai penat then tdo awal. Haha.

Lepas main air, mandi and makan, all the energy drained by 8.15pm. She went to bed on her own and Aqil pun sama. Well, mmg bedtime Aqil pun lps maghrib.

She kept thanking us and wow, it really shows this simple celebrations meant a lot for her. I think she'll talk about this on top of her birthday party at the neighbours. Haha.

Happy birthday sayang. I have to thank you for giving the love and kindness that I dont know why I deserve. You have changed us a lot these years and we pray that Allah protect you from any harm. Ibu and Abi always pray for your happiness dunia akhirat. We love you so much!!

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