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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Caramel Puding

...or Umie called it Gula Hangus. I called her the other day and asked:

Umie, cane nk buat Puding Karamel eh?

Amende Puding Karamel?

Alaa..yg kaler kuning tu pastu taruk gula tu.

Yang mane? Mane Umie penah buat.

Yang ade campur susu cair tu (Im started to give the recipe here)

Yang ade buah tu ke? 

Bukan. Tu koktel.

Ntah. Mane Umie penah buat. 

Ade....ade...tp lame dah Umie tak buat. 

Tak tahulah Umie.

Adeh la..hancur harapan nk tau resipi Umie. Later she texted:

Puding karamel atau gula hangus. 6 bj tlor. 1 gls gula... (and the rest of the recepi)

I straight away call her.

Umie kate umie xtau.

Umie panggil Gula Hangus. Mane Umie tau Puding Karamel.

Gula Hangus name tahun 1980. Leni panggil Puding Karamel doh.


Punyer la confious. Anyhow, tried it last week and as I cooked the sugar to make it brown, Hubby said gula mane bleh jadi kuning. Lame btul aku kacau gula tu (why I did pun xtau). Kacau, kacau, tak jadi2 gak kuning. I almost give up and after a while it started to get brown. Calling for Hubby to proof that he's wrong but turns out my caramel turns almost black (lain kali jangan nak nunjuk2 ngn Hubby. dah kne punish cash ngn tuhan.padan muke sndri)

Blend the eggs, evaporated milk and a bit of sugar. Put in loyang and kukuskan saja

Sugar and water for the caramel and dont wait till the color change like this

Siap dikukus. 

Banyak sokmo mistake bile buat puding ni. First was the caramel been cooked too long. Mistake no two is the pudding where I shouldnt put too much of eggs and I didnt put vanilla essence to kill the smell. I hate bau telur yang hanyir itu but Umie didnt told me to do so, plus puding caramel Umie never smells tau even she didnt put the vanila inside (or she did but she forgot to tell me. Haha) Both puding and caramel didnt turns our right and guess how it looks like.


Oh my...this is so embarrassing. I know! It's hideous! Oh..you've got to try taste it. I still have it in my fridge after a week since Hubby said he can eat it despite the scorched taste. Or is it just me that (again) exaggerating. Haha. Angah said the pudding still okay - tak hanyir telur pun but I still need to improve this, like a lot. This pudding is so easy but need time and faith to do this again :P


easternC said...

hahaha kteorg baru buat nie smalam... best utk berbuka,, esp ble dier sejup jer ~

The wife said...

mmg best tp kalau da itam mcm tu xbes. hahah.

ps: ko ni asek komen kat tang food je >:)