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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


My me time is with iFlix. Too many too watch nowadays. Well, actually I didnt have that much interest when I first time login to iFlix, but lately has been exceptional. They have updated quite recent series and movies.

If you are movie/drama junkie, it is totally worth it. They also have old, like ancient old movie :p I never watch The Day After Tomorrow and I finally did last night. Other country movies and dramas available as well, like yesterday evening I spent watching The Road from Philippines for about 10min and couldnt stand the eerie watching alone. I end up wiki the whole plot. Haha.

Malay movies and series pun ada okay. Jangan underestimate. Gol and gincu was one of the hype during my uni days, also in the apps! Crita Rock ape tah nama tu. I heard bes jugak tp xde mood nk tgk lg.

We dont have Astro, but instead have Streamyx TV and I get hooked up with several series like The Mentalist and The Closer. So in case I couldnt catch it on time, iFlix is in my hand ;)

Few superheroes like Arrow, The Flash and Gotham were in TV as well and I watched few while doing chores. But most of the time I end up not knowing the whole episode, so since iFlix also have those series, I am still okay. 

Cartoon also got. No worries lah. Futurama. Eh wait. That is not for kids :p Barneys, Thomas and friends, Bob the builder. Powerpuff girls for kids kan?

I have a lot of list to catch and I always find myself contemplating which of the dramas or movie I want to watch and end up spending half hour browsing which is the one I feel like watching at that moment. Lol.

Now it's midnight and I am the mood watching Avatar... or maybe continue my Korean series Emergency Couple,I still have 8 series before finish it or maybe just one episode of Friends because I think I am sleepy but hey look there's Edward Scissors hand! Ohhh gotta watch this!


Dils said...

Favorite kan. I think IFlix punye collections not bad. Ade Buffy. If also got Angels, my life is now complete. LOL.

Currently am obsessed with Mad Men, Almost to the finish line. Very good series.

The wife said...

I just finish CSI. 1season je pun boleh lahh.

Mad men bnyknyee season dahh! Haha ok. Will check 'em out!