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Friday, July 1, 2016

Aqil and eczema

He didnt have eczema until he turns one. It just came and he started scratched himself to bleed. I notice it started masa musim panas gile tu. His skin mmg dry since birth unlike his sister. So mse musim panas tu skin die lg senang dry so I didnt tought it was eczema. I changed his soap, put on lotion and it didnt goes away. Few lotions heals for a while but it came back. I did watch what he ate and come to conclusion that he cant eat eggs, kicap and some seafood. Stop using Johnsons especially because it just did nothing. In fact I started to blame Johnsons.

Earlier days when we start using the meds cream

My SIL knows eczema well, so I learn a lot from her. Had few tips what to eat and what recommended lotion/cream to put on. We also went to two clinics and both said the same thing. Even one of the doctor laugh when I mention I put Cetaphil sebab those are for early eczema phase je. Aqil punye dh teruk doc kata.

So I applied these med once at it straight away gets better. In fact, I started think Aqil seems outgrow eczema sebab he can slowly eat eggs. Not until he ate mee goreng that I put little kicap with no meats. Then he straight away garu.

The usual place. Nih dh getting a lot better.

So everytime die start garu2 tu I applied je any of those skali sapu je, tak lame he stop garu. Esok trus elok. I pun kne watch what I ate sbb yesterday I had sotong and this morning he start scratching himself again. Dulu boleh la pakai socks to prevent, now dah pandai bukak sendiri. Mmg kne always watch out this little fella.

Ni dh kire ok. Tgl parut. So maintain je using Cetaphil.

Oh I think the shower cream that he used plays important role jugak. Either he is outgrowing eczema or the cream really works (which I rarely used, so far tak sampai 5 kali sapu in total) but Bodyshop Shea Shower Cream ni mmg I guna everytime die mandi. The promoter from Bodyshop told me that one of her customer always buy this because it works for her kid, so this is the first time I give it a try and alhamdulillah kulit die pun getting smooth. A lot of improvement I notice lps pakai this cream.

Tak sampai sbulan dah licin and I need to buy a new one sbb tak jumpe Bodyshop lagi at this area. So in the meantime I opt for Johnson Milk+Rice baby bath. Ok je so far but I prefer Bodyshop lg sbb lg wangi and kalau I tak apply Cetaphil for a day pun x pe. His skin still moist sbb tu I suke Shea shower cream tu.

I stumble on page about baby eczema. Omg..what Aqil has is nothing compared to them. Sedih I tengok. I pray that all the kids get better and the parents stay strong looking for the right solution for their kids. Aqil mcam ni pun I dah heartbroken, imagine if I were at their place. Ramai share tips and everything. It's a good reading to for me sebab this is the first time I am handling this.

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