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Friday, July 15, 2016

Fool Proof Recipe: Ayam Sambal Bali by Aisha Shukor

I learn this dish from FB. It went viral last year and I get hooked up. I made it few times since the main ingredients (serai and daun kari) is just at the back of my house. I crave it again and I had a hard time because you see, I need to buy and I am cheapskate like that :P

We stop by at our old crib during Raya the other day, sambil2 pergi visit the neighbours. I took the usual ingredients and I made it again! I think this dish is the reason I am so semangat nak start planting again. Hehe.

Husband finish the whole thing and for the first time he asked 'Ni masak ape yang?'

I was like =_= and he praise the good food on the table today. 'Sedap' he said. I told him I cooked it few times dah but he dont recall and I suddenly doubting myself if I only cook this dish whenever he's not home. 

Ah well, since he mention die suke, boleh la I buat selalu. Takde la asek ayam kicap boring tu je :P


kay-N said...

hihi favourite gak ni..kalau msk ni kompiden je xyah rase2 garam gula..kalau ade event mkn2 msk ni paling sng..

The wife said...

boring kan asek ayam kicap biasa je. letak serai ngn daun kari ni trus lg terangkat periuk nasi dlm pinggan :P