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Monday, July 18, 2016

The one who missed vaccination

Aqil missed his vaccination since 5 months old. It is all because the shortage that all clinics had and the troublesome of finding one. Blame the parents as well sbb x nak hadap klinik kerajaan.

At first I am just okay je he missed his scheduled vacc sbb dh consult with the doctor. Then the measels starts and I started to get (more) worried. Time tulah nak gigih pergi klinik kerajaan and time tulahhh the vac book hilang :O

Puas dah cari tp x jumpe and lastly during Ramadhan, doa kan mudah makbul kan, so selit jugak doa nk jumpe buku vac tu. Punya la risau. Haha.

Dannnn jumpaaa!!

Dkat rumah Mama. Padahal dah cari before that tau. And then trus je smooth jumpe klinik yg ade stock MMR. Kene la cucukk ini budak. Tak cry pun. Kakak die yg takut lebih. Lol.

Alhamdulillah takde demam. Just that lepas kne shot, die melepek je.

Falls asleep on his own ><

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