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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pokemon Go

Husband told me about Pokemon Go when it started months ago. He downloaded it even it is not available in Malaysia. I am not that interested but was just okay with it.

Then, it entered yesterday. I was in thetoilet doing business and he was banging on my door insisting to open as there was fire in the hole.


My husband everyone.

Then he insisted me to download the apps as well before we leave the house balik kampung but I forgot (or maybe I just dont care) haha

He was so overjoyed that he use the apps while driving and it annoys me because he was struggling catching the pokemon. Did I said while driving? Yes! And I have to put extra focus as well and omg god knows how annoying it was.

I told him 'What was the big fuss? Just catch lah but dont do it while drive'

And he told about the whole thing. You have to walk to catch them but since he was driving so he HAVE to catch or HAVE to stop because you dont know when you'll see the pokemon again. It will just appear out of know where.

So I get involve. Just because it annoys me.

But it was a big mistake.


I am now worst than my husband. Not in the game but with my coolness. My eyes is now on focus with my phone everytime we went out and I already dreamt of catching Pokemon last night. Say good bye social media and hello world. I walked more yesterday just because there are 3 pokemons at my PIL that I need to find, while dukung Aqil. I might loose some weight too.

Now, do you understand why it has been fatwa haram and at the same time few people said it is okay as long you have the control? Sheeshh.. now I really need to tone down

Well, it is actually I already catch Pikachu but my husband hasnt. Hehe.

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