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Monday, August 8, 2016

Magic wand

Rauhah is into magical phase. Literally.

We bought her crown and wand from Balloon Buzz last week and got hooked up ever since. She even had her own spells you know. It goes:

Magic wand. Magic wand. Please turn Aqil into frog.

It always frog. I dont know why. Haha.

Funny thing was she would immediately turns Aqil back and MUST turn back after each spell.

Magic wand. Magic wand. Please turn Aqil back.

So one day her wand went broken and Husband glued it together. Apparently he is amused with the spell and decided to play the role. He cast the spell and waved the wand. Rauhah was surprised as in she is under attack and run for her life. She screams when he saw Husband keep on chanting and went hiding. It was so funny that my eyes teared up. Haha.

I guess she really believe that the wand really works. Kids and imaginations. LOL.

ps: When she manage to get her wand back, she give her revenge but Husband was playful to block her with pillows. Now I know that the spell didnt work if the person didnt see the wand directly. :D

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