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Saturday, September 3, 2016

The most awaited season of the year

PIL came over the weekend and brought the gold from kampung. One of the blessing married to Husband is having to eat these precious fresh from the tree, told the not-so-kg lady. Hehe.

Unfortunately both kids were not into Durians. Aqil makan jugak sikit tp itu pun lps force feed for the first bite and he quite suke but the next time bg lg die xnk dh. Lol.

Rauhah mmg taknak terus. Die kata it smells not nice. So we need to figure something for her to try at least a bite. I showed her a picture from my insta that a friend of her age eating Durian. Trus ckp 'Awah suke Durian'. Ekelehhh.. haha. She choose the smallest in the bunch and have a bite. Funny thing was she puts thumbs up with a smile but yucky eyes. Can imagine? Haha.

Fake sangat suka Durian. Dh la gigit hujung2 gigi je. Alihnya tak habis pun. At the end, she gave her verdict.

Tak sedaplah. Awah dont like.

Haha. Naseb baik suka rambutan. Berebut2 kalau hiris rambutan tu. Husband pun sekaki jugak prefer rambutan yg dh finely cut without the seeds. Manggis tak de sgt tahun ni. Maybe nnt Raya Haji tengok kot2 ade skali ngn duku langsat.

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