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Monday, August 22, 2016

Learning time

I feel guilty about her watching a lot of youtube since that is the best babysitter ever. So I decided to make time for her since she really love the idea of 'going to school'

It was Day 1 and we started with letters. She knows the word by singing and some letters by luck right.

We had good 5minutes of learning but after that, she lawan the teacher pulak.

Me: Ok. Now try write a on your own. Look at the traits that you did just now?

Rauhah: Yes ibu. I do zero first.

'Not zero. A sayang' while pointing the example but she tepis my hand.

She then teached me 'No. Awah pandai. Do zero first, like this and like this'

'a can be filled with color too!' she said

Then, the little brother who I gave his own book and color pencil decided to conteng the sister's book.

And after that is all about me being the defender of Rauhah's book and at the same time arguing which is the right technique to write a.

Work of art

At the end we survived finishing a and b which is two pages. I am so proud of myself that I think we can do the next letter but before that we did some revision.

Me: What we have learn just now rauhah? What is this? (Me pointing a)

Rauhah: Y! She said proudly

Me: This? (Me pointing b)

Rauhah: S! Awah pandai.

Me tepuk dahi.

Ok lesson learnt today is self confidence. Haha. After all the brain (and energy) work, everyone is so hungry and needed a snack. It was a good time that she keeps telling me that she is such a big girl and so pandai. Well yes it is, Rauhah. Yes, you are ;)

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