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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Husband turning 30

He is not celebrative kind of person but I do! I so am. So many plans in head but so many excuses. Hehe. I manage to bake anyway and lucky him, PIL came on his birthday. Lagi lah suka. Soo many foods on the table and we all so kenyang than usual :P

I siap made choc cake in heart shape okay but jadi rezeki his officemates (I told you we have too many foods) Tak ambik picture pon. Yang ada..ni je.

Haha. My cheeky boy lah! Eee lepa sekejap je. Habis cucuk sane sini.

Happy birthday Husband! Semoga bertambah murah rezeki dan berkurang kilograms dengan jayanya :P We love you!!!

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