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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Being a mother

Was blog-hopping and found this > Adapting

This post somehow resembles myself.

Every bit of word.

I think I am not prepared for the responsibility, despite all the hiatus preparation I post before this.

Thus explains all the tears and drama for the past few weeks (Yes. I did cry almost every day for the first two weeks. Mengaku dengan tak malunyer.)

It was too stressful.

The baby. The pantanglife. The milking. Hubs wasn't around (We are so clingy during my pregnancy as I am being so melodramatic every time he went out, even just playing his badminton for few hours. So you could imagine how lost I am when he wasn't next to me).

Motherhood is so much of bittersweet-ness.

But now I am ok :) It's really a matter of time to adjust myself. To think back, I have a lot to be grateful.

I thank God for having a very matured and sane husband. I never saw him this calm when I am being so messed up. I really can count on you, ey ;)

and a loving family (Mom especially) to take care of us (me and Rauhah). I could always count on them to bath, change diapers, put her to sleep, laundry etc when I'm just being the milk supplier.

This will change in a few weeks when I'm back to KL. I prayed that all of us (me, Hubs and Rauhah) be though for the rough times we'll have. I'm sure thing's wouldn't be easy but InsyaAllah, things will get better and better. Amin.

Dear B, 

Thank you so much for being understanding at times I am not being myself.

I owed you a lot.

I mean it.


orggilacinta said...

Mmg ain.. Aku phm sgt. U need to be strong. Aku pun nangis gak weh msa dlm pantang. It is normal.. Schedule, makan, time tido, penat, sakit, emosi, semua bercmpur. Blum lg bila anak demam. Apepun, bila da start jd ibu ni mmg kite xkan pernah dpt tido lena mcm dulu dah.. So kena baanyak bersabar.. Ni anak aku skg ni tgh demam sakit tekak, ulser. Aku dah set dah mlm ni aku xdpt tido. So bila dah set siap2 senang nk control emosi..

The wife said...

aku ingt aku je yg over smpai nangis2. haha

but really. no one tells us how difficult it is. plus, we've been bombarred with all the goodness of having a baby. yelah. sape nk share cite emosi kan.

anak aku da demam mse 16 hari. emosi jgn ckp la. dengan risaunyer
dengan xcukup tdo nyer.

btul ckp ko, hati kne kuat dan alhamdulillah i hv all the support that i need. else kronik jugak.

i guess dlm bab ni, we will never b prepared sebab we dont know what is coming. doa dan sabar je ubat die :)

orggilacinta said...

Xpa. Kita akan sama2 get to use with it. Berat tanggungjawab jd ibu n isteri. Sbb tula syurga bawah tapak kaki ibu. Byk lg kne blaja wei. Ni baru nk jaga.pasni nk mendidik pulakkan... Apa pun bersyukur sgt kita dpt suami n family yg baikkn..