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Friday, July 29, 2016

To start planting (again)

I have been trying to plant few things. Started with daun pandan first. Bought the soils and pot from Mr.DIY. Then I have Sawi seeds that Babah gave me millions years ago :P baru nk tanam.

Daun kari dalam baldi tu hiasan smata ><

Ni after few days, tgn dh gatal nk transfer

Dah la tak reti. Siap wasep Babah tnyr everything about sawi. Lol. 

Tambah pokok bawang. Nak daun je.

Serba sejemput daun kesum, kucai n daun sup. Hmm mcm padat pulak. Nnt alih.

Anak pokok sawi bkn masih malu tp awl sgt g alih dah

Then both PIL came and he checked himself saying my pokok still small to change pot. Haha. Patut la macam bantut je. Anyway I rase ade satu dua yang akan survive. We'll see lah.

Before and After

Babah then changed my pokok pandan to proper place. I am so excited with all these!! 


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