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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Little organic in me

One of my resolution this year is to plant. We had a small space to plant and it just big enough to have serai, daun pandan, lengkuas, pokok kari. It was fun, although I am not the one who start all the planting. Babah, PIL who plant serai, lengkuas, halia and kunyit. All survive except kunyit. Halia tu pun suddenly shows up after more than a year. See how neglected I was during early days staying Kerteh? Haha.

The day when I have to start over

Serai pun after a while it died and I have to start over. Pandan pun also died sebab I tak siram and I dont know, kinda manja. Lengkuas is the survivor of all.

The halia yang suddenly muncul :P

Daun kari ni dah besar skarang. Branak pinak plak tu

So I start over again with serai and daun pandan. Daun kari took from Umi's and wow everything just magically alive whenever I plant after that.

I started planting nenas as well but it died during the heat season where we left home for almost a week. I had daun kesum too. Tak banyak but just enough whenever I want to use it.

That..was history. I am so sad and kind of not in the mood to start again after all the love that I gave to our old place. This is one of the main reason I cook more since we stay in Kerteh, other than not working kan. 

But since I hate the idea of having to spend money over the things that I can grow previously, made me change my mood. I start over and this time in a pot. One of my neighbour told me that I can get cheap pot at Kedai Eco. It's RM2 shop and we had it near at our house. Bought all the stuffs needed and hoping I shall bring the green thumb again at this new place.

ps: All photos taken on January this year. I couldnt be bothered to take the latest photo since dah jadi semak. Gardener dah pindah kan.

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