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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Random rants

I was unwell yesterday and Husband is in charge of becoming the nanny and the cook. All the cleaning stuff can wait sebab rumah was out of water since noon.

I feel like he is playing mak mak with the kids. Too cute. Masak nasi dengan telur goreng je. Letak kicap. Itu pun kemain suka Rauhah. She was at first reluctant and was under estimate that her Abi can cook and become the mummy in the house.

After the foodnis served and the tummy is full all she could say was 'Sedapppp abi masak!' and Husband couldnt stop bragging himself all day long. Oh well, layankan jelah.

I am feeling stronger now and dah start clock in. Air dh ada and the first thing is cleaning up the pile in the sink. Aqil tumblers ni isi air je tapi amboi tgk si hitam2 ni benci matakuuu.

Cleaning brush xde and while waiting Dr.Browns ni sampai, kne la hadap masuk cotton dlm tu.

Lidi takde. I tibai straw ikea kerat sikit nk tolak cotton. Gigih sbb geram!

Hadap menda ni lg lama dr basuh pinggan mangkuk yang setimbun tu. Celah sane sini la area loop bottle cap tu la *sigh

Lega matakuuu

Lalu air tak hilang okay. Sile make sure your kids water bottle clean btul2. Skang mcm2 sakit. Starts from home and as parents lets make sure this simple things been taken care of.

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