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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hurom Juicer Review

I longed for this dah lama and I had showed this to Husband but he doesnt impressed. Not until he saw a demo at Mesra Mall and straight away been sold.

'I told you! It was the best invention ever!'

'No, you didnt. You never tell me'


Anyway, this juicer pressed everything! I have been using for more than 6 months. Named all the juice that you want and had a good drink without feeling guilty. The waste can be turned tu fertilizer, if you lazy much but fibres from pineapple can turns into tart or carrots into cakes.

I usually makes oranges, apples, watermelon and sometimes combines few usual fruits. Vege pun I dah redah like peria but I taknak dh buat sbb few combo I try tak sedap. Haha. But sawi, kailan, timun combo with some other fruits turns great jugak kalau the ratio is right.

Hampas daun pandan

Pure and natural pandan extract. Guna buat onde2 cupcake, kuih bakar etc

I dah buat air soya, almond milk, GGS, milkshakes and even extracted pandan leaves for flavor. Mmg pure pandan extract. Kelapa parut pun dah masuk and my parents are considering buying when they saw the santan pekat gila without adding water. The kelapa flakes pun mmg dried habes. Tu yg lg suka.

The cleaning part is bearable. I receive the brush together with the package. So it wasnt a husle.

Kalau nk ade fibres in your drinks pun boleh by adjusting pulp control level or just change the extraction net.

I mmg suke juicing sbb tu beli. My wedding gift list pun I letak juicer dulu and turns out I get 3 juicer. Kalau Hurom wujud time tu, dh lama I kurus juicing je. Haha.

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