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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fool Proof Recipe: Semperit Coklat from FB

I almost give up with shared or viral recipe from FB sebab most of them wasnt as good as what I expect tapi yang ni exceptional because I am eager to know what does combination of butter and margerine will make.

It was delish!! Still semperit tapi the texture a tiny bit crunchy which I like any cookies yang crunchy ni. My SIL give it a try pun says so. Sedap!

I share kat sini for my reference :)

150g mentega Anchor in room temp
100g margerin Buttercup in room temp
150g gula icing
120g tepung gandum
170g tepung jagung
60g tepung ubi kayu
25g serbuk koko
1/4tsp garam (I omit sbb dh guna salted butter)

1. Combine mentega dan margerin in mixer
2. Masukkan gula icing. Pukul in high speed sampai kembang
3. Masukkan semua tepung. Adun smpai sebati jd doh.
4. Masukkan dlm acuan dan bentukkan
5. Bakar at 160degree for 20min (mine was 150 at 30min)

My son buat hal lagi this time. I left my oven on for the final 3mins and went out skejap. SKEJAP JE! and suddenly I smell something burning. OMG panic kejap tgk asap okayy. Hitam habes biskut I!

I ingtkan my oven buat hal sbb I've been baking since morning rupenye Aqil turns the temperature to highest degree! The oven is within his reach and he is at the phase copying everything that he saw.

I am so speechless and dont hv the heart nk marah die. Husband take over and be the bad cop but Aqil kihkihkih je. Haihh naseb baik laa tak get worst. Haduii.. Aqil..Aqil...

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