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Sunday, July 10, 2016


Selamat Hari Raya everyone! 

We balik kampung on evening before Raya with lot of stuffs at the back in our car >< Baju Raya takyah cite la. It's kuih, cakes and extra big fruits from PIL and neighbours. Kiddos were fine, slept half way and dah start cranky dalam stgh jam lagi nak sampai. Sabar jelah.

This Raya wasnt as fun as it used to be. Kiddos were down with slight fever and flu, little brother warded for dengue, dear cousins also warded 2 days before raya, few close friends lost people they love during Ramadhan and on the Raya day itself, that includes a baby that I learn who is my friends niece. I pray hard for Allah forgives our sins and the people we lost, granted them the highest jannah. Amin.

Raya so-so je. Missing Angah sebab die raya PIL die. Umi only cook on the first day Raya which Nasi Impit, Sambal Ikan, Kuah Kacang. She tempah ketupat and Ayah make Daging Rendang, on the very last minute. I also packed my Rendang, cooked a day earlier to freeze. The second Raya makan apa yang ada je. Reheat few meals masa puasa and thats it. Umi and Ayah went balik kampung on the third Raya leaving just us siblings at home. I made burgers and cook Ikan Patin tempoyak for that day. All cleared!

Most of the days during Raya pergi to closest cousins home je. Dh happy enough sebab bukan selalu dapat jumpa. Tu pun ade jugak xsempat pergi. The time mostly spent preparing for Acik's engagement this coming weekend. Buat hantaran and few pelamin deco. All buat sendiri since it wasnt hard enough sbb dah penah buat mase Angah last year.

We dont have extra cuti, so the four days habis macam tu je. Itupun dah syukur sebab dapat movie date with Husband, thanks to awesome family tolong babysit the kiddos. Bought present for Rauhah birthday jugak sbb we plan to celebrate Rauhah birthday this year. She (of course) didnt know we are planning but since she loves the idea of surprise birthday (selalu pretending surprise us with her imaginary cake), thus the excitement we are doing it this year.

Eventually, Raya is getting better sebab little brother got discharge just in time for everyone to have meal together. My cousins pun get discharge at the eve of Raya. Had a good food at Mak Andak's house (cookies super sedap we try to stop ourselves from finishing the whole bowl) and Rauhah makan beriya sangat sane. Maybe sebab the setup and sumeorang pakat makan ramai2. Selera lebih :P Looking forward for whole family gathering this weekend for Acik's engagement.

..but now nak menghadap kain baju =_=

Ade 2 trip lg dkat ampaian. Tabahlahh..

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