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Monday, July 11, 2016

Breastfeeding Journey 202

Aqil is turning 19 months and alhamdulillah he is still nursing directly. It is getting thougher since he has more teeth.

Masa Rauhah kalau die start biting, I'll just press her nose kasi die tahan nafas and she'll stop after several reminder. But this little boy just dont know that his mom is in pain whenever he does that. He actually tought I am just playing rough and he'll bite again.


Marah lagilah tak jadi kan. So the last resort is to give the flat face like nothing happen. Aa..susah nk make the poker face when it hurts so bad T.T luckily it works! Totally worth tahan sakit. Haha.

He doesnt show any sign to wean off lagi, altho he eat like a normal kid. Still need the milk whenever he feels like it, especially when bedtime. Another few months to go baby. Soon Ibu will wear the koyak kaftan again. Soonnn!

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