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Thursday, September 6, 2012

One month Rauhah

She had her Hep B injection last Tuesday and adoi...her mom is more anxious then she is. I was thinking how big is the needle? will she get fever afterwards? will she cry non stop? Too many thinking -_-" We had to wait almost half hour before her turn. She was sleeping from home and had awake once for milk. Had her weigh in and she had gain 900g since her birth.

Things are good until the doctor starts to inject her at her right thigh. Boyyy...she was screaming her hearts out and I felt so...funny. Haha. Ok. Ok. Kesian jugak tapi sebab die menjerit tu kuat gile and it is just one time. Then sambung tido balik. I told mom 'Macam berlakon je :P' Ade la teresak-esak sikit and pujuk die dgn direct breast feed.

Alhamdulillah, no fever what so ever after that injection. Needle pon halus je. Just minor pain when we 'accidently' touch the injected place. My Rauhah is very strong. Bagussss :D

Nowadays, she seems to start connecting with us. She responds things we said by 'ahhh...' 'umm...' and other baby sounds. Sangat comel bile die interacting macam tu tapi kurang comel bile die awake too long at night.

Her pattern is she'll be sleeping the whole morning and wake up once a while for milk. She'll be fully awake by Maghrib and will be sleeping, mostly by 1am. If things were good, she'll be sleeping through out the night until the next morning. Else, she'll wake up after 1 or 2 hours sleeping and had to layan her for direct breast feed, which normally at least half hour.

Left: Faces for milk. Right: Satisfied face after milk 

She prefer sleeping on lap or during breast feed. Pujuk-pujuk by rocking her memang tak jadi, unless she's just too sleepy. She would fall asleep faster when people hug her and zikr 'Lailahaillah'. Haa..cepat je layu kalau macam tu.

Well, as you may expect, she's sleeping now. I already had my breakfast and will go take shower. Rauhah normally had her bath around noon. Later her Nekmi or Nyang will do that for her. I never showered her up until now. That's the only thing that I hadn't do. I'll probably start doing that when I'm back in KL. It's easy right? Huhu.

We already had her Aqiqah and Cukur Jambul last Saturday. Will blog about that later. Planned to talk about my PantangLife and few things on breast feed journey. Seems a lot and not much time to catch but definitely will do.

Till then, toodles!

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