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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Follow Up

It wasnt a pleasant day for me. First, I forgot the referral letter. Then I have to patah balik and it's already late for the appointment. I have to pick up my husband at his office and arriving at the hospital, I left my IC. The pro

The appointment went smooth. She did some scan through my vagina and everything seems normal on her naked eyes. She don't find the reason it is bleeding so she do a Pap Smear for me. She swabs the fluid inside my vagina and we have to wait for next week for the result.

The doctor is so helpful and very keen to know the problems. She ask some questions related to my health and it is quite relief after seeing her. She suggest to do Hysteroscopy if I want to find more what's causing the bleeding because the scan just help us to see any tumor or obvious issues inside but since it is black and white so we never know weather the tissue is damaged or something else.

She dont start to conclude yet but it is for sure not a cancer which I am happy enough to hear. I (who is not the expert) suspected my hormones. My bleeding comes and go but it never gets worst. Small or tiny amount of blood and sometimes it just brown stain on my pantyliner.

We'll wait for Pap Smear result and see if it's really a case to do the Hysteroscopy.

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