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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Breastfeeding Journey 103

I'll be back in the office less than a month, thus I already start collecting the stock for Rauhah, starting yesterday. Hehe. Well, I should have done it earlier actually.

First problem is I don't have enough bottles and two, does my EBM stock will last, not ruin/effecting the milk for 3 hours journey from Kuantan-KL? That if the case Kuantan-KL, what if Besut-KL?

Done some research over internet and found that instead of bottle, I can use milk storage but again, what type of milk storage?how to store/keep the EBM last? There's a lot of type milk storage outside there; Autumnz, Jingle Jungle, Pegion, Suri, You Have A Baby and many more. I also found that there are people (this is a good motivator blog for BF, based on her experience) who keep the milk in normal plastic like bekas dadih and plastik aiskrim but I am not convinced enough that it is safe to keep the EBM inside since there's BPA, even they are not heating up the container.

As I am still at Kuantan, it is hard to find milk storage anywhere near the town. Buy it online is out of question since I need it urgently as I'm going back this weekend. I went to two stores, Tunas Manja Baby World and Manjaku. TMBW don't sell any and I know Autumnz have their product at Manjaku and TwinBaby. Unfortunately, I couldn't find TwinWorld (left GPS at home and I dont quite familiar with the town even I was born here) and Manjaku don't have any stock. Luckily, there's Pegion - the one and only milk storage available in Manjaku. Since I desperately need the milk storage, I just bought the item for RM29.00/25 pieces :(

Right now, I am keeping track my EBM stock by doing inventory, afraid that I lost count. Huhu. I only store 3oz, 4oz and 5oz for my stock. This amount should increase in time.

There are few options that I want to try keeping my EBM using other type of milk storage, like this lady used Suri, this used Autumnz and this used YHAB. I want to try to find the best milk storage that is more to economic and saved spaced in the fridge. I saw OneBabyWorld and BBstore have discount on milk storage items. Hope I can make time to buy these stuff when I'm back in KL. Mothercare also sold milk storage. Ahh..so much places to look for this item in KL.

Then, back to issue number two; bringing back my EBM to KL. Well, I found this blog that bring back her EBM from Perlis to KL. Amazing huh? So I can do the same too. Hopefully, there's space in our car later on.

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