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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Breastfeeding Journey 107

Excess lipase and scalding breastmilk

Have you heard?

I think many mothers not aware that our breastmilk would taste sour which might cause our baby rejected EBM and prefer direct feeding. One would claims that they are queen of pumping EBM and have stash of stocked in their fridge but little that they know, one could have this problem with their milk.

From the reading, excess lipase doesn't mean sours the milk. It's just not taste as nyummy as fresh breastmilk. Nothing wrong about it. It's the matter of babies preferences which might the answer of why your baby loves direct feeding/fresh EBM than frozen EBM.

The blog explains a lot on the excess lipase and don't forget to read the comments as well. I have doubts about scalding the milk but in the meantime, I'll remind myself to look for Lactation Consulant when going for Rauhah's check up (cause I dont remember where did I put their contact no -.-)

Will let you know about it! Till then ;)

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