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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Breastfeeding Journey 104

We went out on Saturday when I'm at Kuantan for Rauhah circumcision and decided to shop a bit at ECM. I already spared my EBM, warmed and it last till we went home. It's 3 hours outing and she had around 6 or 7 oz. This is not the first time we went out with EBM.

We had travelled from KL-Tampin-KL-Kuantan in one day and my stock last through out the day. We don't have warmer, so what we did was keep EBM chilled and bring thermos to warm the EBM when needed. Old school, ey? :) I even could pump my milk in the car and Hubs don't even notice :P

I don't find it's hard to entertain her with EBM and I even direct breastfeed her once we went out to buy groceries the other day. I could bf provided with my Poncho (Thanks Ude for giving this!). I don't think I need nursery room to breast feed her if I don't bring my EBM bottle.

What could possibly goes wrong with breastfeeding, right? It's saves money and baby are more healthy than having formula milk ;)

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