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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Medela Freestyle Review

Upfront note: This is review for US Medela Freestyle. 

I've been using this daily and I'm satisfied with the usage. Bought it from emumsdadshop which gives complete whole package and she's been a very nice seller! We bought it COD at Gombak at RM1350. Gives free 6 bottles jingle jungle, a romper, baby bips & fruit storage. This lady provides good service when the ice pack that we bought from her cracked and she replace it with the new ice pack, together with new cooler bag. The cheapest I found online and in Malaysia.

This pump has served me well enough that I shall review based on what I love and hate about this product.

1. Light and easy to carry
2. Easy to assemble.
3. Several suctions phase that you can choose based on your suitability
4. It's hands free! I can do other things while pumping. So far doing it while blogging, eating and washing dishes! There's this one day that I am so sleepy and sleep while pumping in the office surau the other day. Hahaha.
5. Easy for tandem feeding
6. Suitable for most of the bottles that I have, except Avent.

7. Double pump!
8. Time display that I can check how long I've been pumping
9. Rechargeable battery

1. Loud sounds when using high level suction. Satu surau boleh dengar okay.
2. Narrow parts of breast shield connector that needs detail cleaning. I usually take ample time to brush that narrow parts to avoid that black thing inside the shield but sometimes it still happen when I don't brush it thoroughly.

Not sure if this can be avoided if you sterilize daily.

Cleans it with cotton bud and wet tissue.

Comes clean :)

3. It's US plug socket (not that troublesome once you buy the converter)

The thing when you pumping in the office is that you could see so many styles an technique to pump with different tools. I once saw this lady using manual pump until she sweats while pumping the milk but I am amaze with her result. A full bottle in less than 10 minutes. Superb! I also envy with those silent breast pump that people hardly notice but most of people who using that kind of pump normally hiding under their telekung. 

Therefore, another plus point for Medela Freestyle is one breast pump that you could you at ease and relaxing, without sweat or hiding yourselves while pumping :) Yeah, it's pricey but totally worth it for me :D


Aan Andes said...

me have the same problem too yg small part utk clean and after 2 years baru me tau kewujudan ni --> http://www.chemistdirect.co.uk/dr-browns-4-small-vent-brushes_1_159412.html

selama ni pakai chopstick ok haha..

dlm rm14.90 mcm tu. Boleh guna utk straw skali, nnt rauhah dah boleh minum bekas air tu :)

The wife said...

kann?? gigih gile menyental part tu. boleh bikin emosi. hahah.

along beli kat mane mende tu? xjumpe pulak time soping2.

Aan Andes said...

beli kat member..kalau jumpa me belikan for u nnt