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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fabulous Mom

I heard about this store for the first time when Along mention it for me to find Rauhah's baby carrier. We are in need of the carrier since we think having a stroller is quite troublesome for a short shopping spree at supermarket.

We went to their branch at Puchong, located next to IOI mall. To be honest, I really love FM compared to BBstore. It has more variety in terms of products like baby carrier, breast pump, poncho, bra's, milk storage etc. What I love the most is their helpful sales assistance that willing to let customer try on any stuff that we want and tested ourselves. 

The store is so convenient that they have changing rooms, nursing room and rest area that also provides water, several toys and rocker for parents who wants takes a short break with their kids, like what Hubby did. Rauhah is a bit cranky cause it's her nap time and thankfully, the place is really comfortable that Hubs can sit and gives her milk. I, on the other hand could have my time to check out stuffs that I need. 

Lots of items to find!


Fitting Room and Nursing Room

Nursing Room (inside)

Rest area

We haven't done much research on baby carrier, so we asked for help for the sales assistance and she had explained the product that they have, Ergo and Boba. We tried Ergo at first but Rauhah seems uncomfortable and cried when we put her inside. Then I tried Boba. She's a bit cranky at first but not long after she starts to sit quietly inside and falls asleep. Haha. Hubs tries it on as well and he also loves it more than Ergo. We saw it's on 10% discount, so, up for grab! I think we had spend time for almost one hour in the store and Rauhah continue sleeping inside the carrier until we went off to IOI mall :P

Sleeping, with her daddy's heartbeat lullaby.

Oh, I forgot to tell that FM has sales until 1 Jan 2013. It was crazy and I almost spend like I have thousands in my account. Haha. Well, it was really a good bargain, like Jingle Jungle milk storage 10% discount and BB disposable breast pad 36 pieces, buy 1 free 1. I also had wasted my RM5 for this bracelete. Hey, it's one for RM6.90 and three for RM5. It's a MUST BUY! Haha.

Now I have a reminder ;)

I think FM is focusing on parents need and therefore, I love, love Fabulous Mom. Hurry up peeps. Grab the hot items before it sold out ;)

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