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Friday, September 21, 2012

Breastfeeding Journey 102

I feel glad that I had invest to a good breast pump. It already serves me well since I'm having plenty of milk that I always have to make sure I pumped it up or Rauhah having both sides equally. I already calculated that if I could get 16oz a day by pumping, I could probably starts stocking my milk a day or two at least, before I start working.

Rauhah at 2 weeks

Rauhah is quite a demand baby. She could finish 6/7 oz (from the bottle) when she wakes up from 5 hours of sleeping. Nowdays, I have to pump when she falls asleep during midnight, else I wake up with engorgement.

We are having trouble when she could finish too much milk from her bottle where she usually throws it up after we burped her. She would then cried for more and I'm worried she drinks too much. I'm not sure how burping is necessary cause I noticed that Rauhah normally throws up quite often after we pat her on the back. I tested that if I give her just enough (4oz) and lie her on her tummy, she would straight away falls to sleep and hardly throwing up.

Therefore, I prefer she's having her milk directly because she hardly throw it up after milking. Speaking the power of direct breast feed ;)

Oh, by the way, the sign she's having enough milk is when she falls asleep straight away. I can poke her during her sleep and she refuse to wake up. I leave you a vid to feast your eyes :P

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