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Monday, November 12, 2012

Welcome to reality!

I'm back in the office since last week. Yeah, welcome to reality. The first two days was great, in terms of energy and level of tiredness. I have a collegue who is breastfeed, working and no nanny to handle the house chores. Everything is at her own and she told me that she usually straight went to bed after work. I once tought how tired lah kan it would possibly be?

I mean, come on, it's just work and a baby who knows nothing to make you feel tired. But man, I was wrong. Completely wrong! I collapse right after maghrib and will dozz off with Rauhah while breastfeeding her. I would rather sleep in growling stomach due to the tiredness. Could you imagine how pathetic it was? Breastfeeding and baby really could worn you out but I realize I shouldn't make this an excuse. I just swore myself that I want to be a good mother and wife as what I see in my mother. She's a working mom when she have 5 of us. Our house never really a mess and she ensure that everyone having meal, homecooked, even just a simple nasi goreng.

Therefore, I start making a routine. I sleep early and wake up around 2 or 3 am to clean Rauhah's bottle from babysitter, packing her bag for tomorrows day, ironing Hubs cloths, eat and pumping (shall not leave your breast full with milk cause engorgement could lessen up your milk production) I would then continue my sleep again until Subuh and I could choose either to continue back to sleep or pumping then straight away get ready to office. Cooking is possible but I need to ensure it's a very quick and easy meal, like sardine and vege, under half hour. Memang bersilat la kat dapur. Hubs is not fussy about dinner and to think again, he never asked me to cook when he knows there's cereal or fast food that he can call 24/7.

Clean up will be done normally at times after I have my sleep, but there's this one day, Hubs helps me with the chores - cleaning Rauhah's bottle. Ahhh... if only the moon is always blue :p but syukur Hub's trully understand and helping me entertain Rauhah when my hands is full. Plus point, he would do whenever I asked for his help - with no complains, which includes yesterday that I asked him to clear out the space at one corner. The instruction seems vague to him cause there's so many things (boxes, laundry basket, iron board, baby cot) and he asked again 'What do you want me to do?' then I told him 'Well, you can move the iron board' and guess what, he literally only moved the iron board, leaving the iron on the floor. Hahaha. Still, thank you Husband ;) I would possibly gone hair wire if you are not around.  

Motherhood is a blessed that I think, one should not complain but embrace :) I'm at a phase where I have everything in the world - happiness.

Syukur, alhamdulillah.

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