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Sunday, September 23, 2012


As I mention in previous post, we went back KL (when I am still at my pantang days) for my check up for a week which means, it leaves me and Rauhah at home during weekdays. Just the two of us. I am nervous, thinking how it's going to be. We basically have been left alone during the days at Kuantan but there's Umie and Ayah in the evening when they are back at work. I could have me time while they are enjoy taking care of Rauhah. Plus, I still don't have to do the chores, mom will prepare my meal and even bath Rauhah.

Therefore, when there's only me and Rauhah, things going to be challenging. I have to be independent. Welcome to the (almost) real life. But it wasn't so bad after all. Yes, she's a bit clingy but in a good way. I still can have my meal, which I cooked by myself (even it's already 3/4PM, depending when she's sleeping. I even proudly bath her before noon (YEAY!) and tidy up here and there a bit. I could filled myself with cereal/oat/milk/Jacob's weetameal if I'm having a late lunch,at times she needs me to be with her.

Rauhah is so nice that she sleeps whenever she's full. No unnecessary crying. No drama. I could lie down on the couch while bf her,watching my favorite show and at the same time munching my cookies :P Basically, I could do anything that I want, It was very surreal and pleasant week. These makes me started to think to be a fulltime housewives. Haha!

There's this one day, PIL comes knocking on the door, without warning. Both Hubs and I didn't know that they are in town. Memang surprised lah. Haha. I am cooking, preparing Hubs meal (I'm over rajin) and not wearing my socks. Two sins during pantang. Ha..gabra. The house is very messy, I tell you. Luckily MIL understands,though been warned to leave all the chores and wear my socks :P She then fold our pilled up cloths in the basket, tidy up my cooking mess and wash the dishes while I just lie down and bertungku. Hatoi..malu..

Anyway, they brought us ikan haruan kering. Sedap woohhhhh...buat aku nak makan banyak lg ade. Ever since they came, I cooked the same meal for myself, nasi+sayur sawi+carrot+ikan haruan kering. Omm noomm!

Hubs helping me for going to the groceries/market for fish/vege etc. He normally do the cleaning (wash the dishes,laundry) whenever he likes. I notice he one wakes up at 4AM washing the piled up dishes that I left since noon. He would help me wearing my socks without saying much (penat suruh agaknya. hehe) He even makes me some snack or drinks (aku kan ngade, nak milo la, nk jus apple la) when I'm hungry (breastfeeding really makes me hungry all the time!!)

He'll spend his time more with Rauhah compared to his PC, Diablo, Dota and what not. Life are totally different after I'm giving birth to Rauhah! He's more involved doing the household without asking for help. As myself, I looked him differently; with much love, more respect and grateful everyday.

Thank you Allah ^_^ May this happiness everlasting. Amin.

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