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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Two months Rauhah

I recognize she already has sleeping pattern but it didn't fixed from when till when. As long she had a long sleep (either day or night), she'll be fully awake for min 6 hours straight! Thank God no cranky panky;) but still, it worries me. Is it okay for a baby stays up so long?

She had her injection on Thursday and she's a very strong girl! Just cried a bit, then all smiling again. Went home and she sleep through out the day until the next morning (noon to be exact). Must be the med I think. Wake up for milking and change diapers. Thats all. Easy day for me, and Alhamdulillah, no fever :)

But yesterday was quite a trick. She wakes up around 12pm and sleeps at 2am! She did sleeps for about  5 min max but then wakes up again. Again, no cranky but just need someone to entertain her. Luckily I have my sisters around, else I'll be dried out.

And my baby is very bubbly these days! Such a talker!

This was taken around midnight -_-"

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