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Monday, July 20, 2015

Meatballs and Jem

I am one of the fan of Ikea meatballs but not until I tasted it again for the last time that went 'urghh'. I am disappointed that the taste is not the same as it used to, in fact it is getting worst. Dont let me start on the cleanliness that I saw in their kitchen that everyone could see while queuing for food.

There are so much recipe that been shared over the net but I never had the time to fool-proof it. Not until I found Tahrunnisa's FB that been shared by many in my FB timeline. So I bookmarked and decided to try it during puasa.

I made it during the day and had it for our sahur. Kemain kan? It was actually meant for our buka puasa menu but I dont have anything fast enough that I could make when there is less than 20minutes before Imsak. Everything is ready by just heat up the meatballs and the gravy, add some St.Dalfour raspberry jam and uhhh my best sahur so far! I cheat a lot in this recipe but it's already taste soo good! Next time, kene buat lebih for frozen pulak. I wanted to share it here for a keeper, you should try!

I copied back from her FB and make few amendments based what I did
Swedish Meatball Sue Norrman
Meatball homemade 
Bahan2 :-
500 gm mince beef
I dont think I used that much. Lesser I think.
1/2 biji bwg besar - cincang halus (*) I used bawang besar biasa - not Holland onion
1 sdm butter. (*)
3/4 sdt lada hitam- powder
1 sdt kryddpeppar@ mixed spices
1/3 serbuk kayu manis- saya tambah

1/3 sdt gula
1-1/2 sdt garam
2 sdm bread crumb- blend halus
30 ml fresh milk.
1 biji telur 'c'- 
cara :-
1) tumis yg bertanda (*) keperangan dan ketepikan.
2) satukan bahan2 selebihnya dan sebatikan rata. masuk bwg tadi sekali dgn butter. uli lagi sebati dan bulat2 kan ikut besar mana yg kalian suka.
3) guna non stik pan, masuk kan sikit butter dan masak api sederhana. tutup pan supaya masak rata dan balik2 kan kejap hingga masak.
p/s .- butter dlm pan gn di buang. di guna utk membuat sos.
Sos Gravy
butter lepas masak meatball.
2 cwn chicken stok
I used 2 cups of water with 2 cubes on my frozen chicken stock
2 cwn whipping krim (*) I only have half cup of whip cream and add the remaining with fresh milk
1 sdm kicap cair
1 ketul kiub ayam Ade half cube je. Haha.
lada hitam sikit - powder
1/2-1 sdm tpg kentang bancuh dgn air sikit utk memekat. Used tepung jagung instead
garam/gula- tambahan kalau kurang rasa.
cara :-
1) satukan semua bahan kecuali yg bertanda (*) dan bancuhan tpg kentang.
2) didihkan dan rasa secukupnya baru masukan (*). didihkan lagi dlm seminit dan kecilkan api masuk bancuhan tepung sikit2 . jgn terlalu pekat.

I dont have food processor. Gune hand mixer je, provided takde urat daging. Penah try grind skali ngn urat. Sakit jiwa I tell you sbb payah hancur. It must whole meat and only meat. Panas gak ah hand mixer aku kerjakan. Haha.

Half cooked to be stored in the fridge. Tak froze pun sbb nk mkn within the next day.

Sorrylah takde the proper picture of the whole set. Makan time sahur terkocoh2 mane nak pikir gambar dah. Haha.

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