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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Homemade gone wrong.... not!

Today I feel so ambitious that I feel like making homemade bolognese. I asked Angah how she made her tomato paste.

Get the how, boiled, peel the skin and blend. Done. Easy peasy.

Next, grinding the fresh meat. I looked at the meat. Oh my. Banyaknye urat. Oh well, hand mixer ade. Tried grinding them but heh, it took hours to make sure the meat minced perfectly. Liat gile urat ni *sigh

Ah give up. Xpelah ketul2 sikit. Ok, ape pulak. Oh yes, the onions! Rummaging my onion rack and saw only one holland onion. Umph, xpe. Tambah jelah bawang besar satu. Add few garlic. Hmm.. Blend instead of chopping pun ok gak.

There goes the prep. I still feel ambitious about my homemade bolognese. So I heat up olive oil, put the onions, minced meat and tomatoes. Add bay leaves, salt and pepper. While cooking, I finally realize this shall turns a disaster. Hahaha.

Just look at the color. What would you guess?

Laksa? Kuah kacang? 

After feel like everything is cooked, I tasted. It was horrible! It was far from bolognese. More to meat broth.

Oh my. Oh my. What should I do? Shall I throw this? Aa.. I hate wasting food, moreover after the whole prepping before hand. Ok. I tasted it again. Hmm.. Maybe it shall taste better with the sliced cheddar cheese.

I shall give my girl a try. Cooked the spaghetti and I was so nervous that she will throw it up.

Bismillahhhhh... She take a bite and said 'Hmm sedap dap' Whoaaa.. Ok ok. Lets see if she were that honest and finish the whole bowl.

She did! She did it okay! Haha.

Ok now. The husband. Well, I cant lie. So I have be diplomatic. So when he's home, he asked what was it. He have no idea so I told him it is 'Spaghetti meat broth. New recipe' with a flat face. Looking at his reaction, he seems buying it.

Finally, the moment of truth. I bring the plate to him together with water and oranges, in case things gone wrong, while he is browsing his PC (A good wife today, I know)

He awed looking my effort today and I leave him with THE FOOD. Went into the room attending Aqil and heard his spoon and fork clacking the plate. I was so nervous that I am so afraid he will spit it out. Hahaha! Then the clacking noise continues.

Things seems good when he didnt called me after eating. I went out and peek that he finished it all. He said 'Sedap jugak' and respond with a smile like a normal day.

Went back into the room and dance!! Hahhaha. Phewwww... It was hell of miserable cooking but alhamdulillah the family take it well. Kahkah.

So I quickly update my insta and told my friends. Husband still didnt know that it was a homemade-gone-wrong meal but I get caught when he saw me smiling and laughing while typing on my phone. He asked and you can imagine the cat and mouse scene when he tries to steal my phone. Of course I loose lah! He finally found out and had a big laugh while I ran inside the toilet and locked myself inside. Yeah, I am so shy kantoi like that. Hehe.

I told Angah about this and she said, she never tried using the meat and she used cherry tomatoes instead of that normal tomatoes. Aiyaaa... Belajar tak habis. Ishk.. Takpe. Next time boleh cuba lagi..

.. NOT!


Dils said...

LOL. Warna die memang scary,tp yg penting rase! I pon tgh pk nak buat homemade pasta sauce in big batches then freeze it. Nanti la. Haha.

The wife said...

kalau harap rupa, xde markah lgsung ni. Hidup haruslah ade determination Dils! Sile share recipe kalau jadi please :D

orggilacinta said...
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The wife said...

Hampa tu satu hal dah. Nak masak smule? Hmm tak lahhh. Suh die g kedai jelah bungkus. Hahaha!