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Monday, March 30, 2015

Kitchenaid review

Lets be honest, most of us love this toy because of it's color kan? Haha. Tapi mahal bak hang! I've have been eyeing this since I found out it exist but never really expect that I could own it. Thanks to my good old bonus lah of course. Tak pikir panjang pun. Nasib baik it has serves me more than I think it would.

I bake at least twice or trice a month, roughly due to my (ehem) passion of baking. Tried so many recipes for the past two years since I owned it. Let see why I'm loving it:

Heavy duty

I'm not good in keeping stuff, more over I am at worst when using things that is so delicate - nak kene cermat bagai, ooh no! Bought so many mixer yang murah but then what for kalau pakai tak sampai 3x dah rosak *sigh

Anyway, aku dah ganyang habis mende ni and I am satisfied! The stand mixer berat and it suits its purpose. The hook, whisk and what not kebal dan gagah I love to the max. The bowl I bought was stainless steel, so takde problem nk cuci hatta ganyang dgn berus periuk tu skali pun.

It can make anything!!

I never thought I can actually make a bread out of it. Yelah, kata beli tak (habis) pikir kan. It serves me several types of bread and soooo many pizza so far. Mula-mula berangan nk beli bread maker sebab malas bab menguli tapi entah macam mana boleh found out it can knead a dough as well.

Of course mestilah kene the right technique but basically I can put every dough ingredients and let it do its job, leave it to rise and ready to be shape! Aahh..jimat tenaga.

Doh karipap pun boleh. Tapi sekali je gune utk karipap ni sebab tak susah pun knead utk doh karipap ni. Tak padan gune kitchen aid takat buat mkn sendiri :P

Roti paung pun boleh

In before ade pizza pan, gune tudung-periuk pan!

Pics from here. Ade several attachment kitchenaid ni. Everything, I tell you! I'm eyeing the pasta maker tu now, haha! Check the details here!

Worth of investment

For those yang buat home baked stuff, mende ni haruslah sgt berjasa. I love baking but to eat the whole cakes for myself? Naahh.. so mangsanya is always my neighbour or Husbands officemates. Who knew from there, I could sells cake out of it ;) Nothing serious but once a while boleh la. Record so far are 3 cakes a day (normal me wont take this, tu pun dah stress tapi stress yang suke. haha)

Eh ade lagi? Color la ape lagi

Nak warna ape? sume adaaaaa. Check out the website and please dont blame me when you fall in love with everything. Hehe.

pic credit to google

Skarang dah ramai jual and I found the cheapest was RM1.3k. Bought mine at TBM, Bangsar Village that time sebab tengah promo, total damage RM3k, including few other stuff that I bought, so cant exactly remember how it cost. But of course, if you can get it cheap, go for it and you wont regret it if you determine to make everything homemade :)


Unknown said...

Kalau takde org nk mkn boleh la anta kat jiran sini ye...kekekeke

The wife said...

Jiran yang dirindui!!!!!