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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Living with two kids

Rauhah was clingy during pregnancy, probably wanting attention from exhausted pregnant-mom. But alhamdulillah she has been a lovely sister and I hadnt seen her jealous or whatsoever since the birth of number 2.

She still sleeps with me during the night, under ketiak mak of course and she understands when I need to nurse the baby where she have to move a bit to make room for baby to lie down in between us. I was at first afraid that she might think I love her less when the baby is born but luckily she is very okay with everything.

Baby boy was so far being a very good baby - sleeps through the night and only cry for milk or diaper change. At times he just lying there with his eyes wide open doing nothing and I could just look him for as long as my eyes can take. Rauhah would join us and normally would ask to hold him on her lap.

She would bring all her toys to the baby as if he knows how to play with it. My mom would let these two together unattended, afraid the sister doing something harm to the baby.

These two munchkins was the light of our day and both Ibu and Abi pray that you two will love each other unconditionally. Looking forward to everyday that will come dan semoga kita sentiasa dibawah rahmatNya. Amin :) Couldnt wait to just spent the day, just our small little family and see the trouble you two will make :P

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