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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3 months old Aqil

He's weigh at 7.02kg today and had his scheduled vaccination. He is sleeping when he had the shot. Alhamdulillah for that he hasnt cried, just a little eekkkk and continue sleeping like nothing happen. No sign of fever and crankiness which I hope takde lah terus. Heeee..

I could say he's an easy baby, very cheeky and smiling whenever people talk to him. Quite a chatter jugak this fella. He sleeps through the night like his sister and only wakes up for milk.

Major difference with this little guy is that he had this very strict schedule that he have to had his shower by 9.30am and 5.30pm, or else he'll get cranky until he had that hot bath. Love love love spending time with water. Thinking of buying that neck float for him.

I look forward for Abi's toy to remain

Have yet to show any sign of turning over but he had this habit of chewing his hands - probably a sign of first tooth. He started to drool as well and will go munching his mouth whenever we eat in front of him. Too early for solids baby, tunggu ye.

Nampak tak tangan kat mulut tuu

Sangat kuat menyusu unlike Rauhah which is good for my weight loss but poor my house chores lah, bertangguh2 nk buat. Ceh ckp mcm tak biasa tangguh je kan. Haha.

2 months old and at Hazirah's wedding

Anyway, I hope I continue updating his progress because I am soooo going to forget about this nanti. It's kinda important and I am amazed some mothers remember their kids milestone, because I really dont. I need to check my own writing to remember when my daughter had her first tooth or her first walk. Tu baru anak first okay. Haha.

But if I dont, that doesnt mean I love you less, my little caliph. I always do and your Abi loves you as much we love your sister. In fact our loves grow bigger than ever. Thank you for coming into our lives, Aqil. Looking forward for your progress each and everyday.

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